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Lazarus Dark

Z Ultra Gpe

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I have the GPE version and I don't see a separate area to post, so I figured it was in here even though the GPE version is a separate rom.

I have a problem with CM11.

I have unlocked the boot loader using the official Sony method.

I flashed the dual recovery from doomlord successfully from this thread: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2579005

When I try to install the latest CM11 nightly zip from either recovery, it aborts and gives me the error message "this package is for c6808, c6806_gpe, togari, togari_gpe devices; this is a honami"

Some code in the recovery seems to be from the Z1 and CM11 won't install because of it.

Which makes me wonder, if the CM11 nightly exists for the gpe version, SOMEONE is installing it successfully, so how are they doing it?

I spent two days scouring Google but the doomlord recovery is literally all I've found. There seems to be no other info on getting cm11 or any other rom onto the z ultra gpe. I've posted about this in the xda area for the z ultra but no one has any answer yet.

(I am aware that this phone is going to have limited dev support, but someone seems to be working on it if there are nightlies.)

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I'll answer my own question in case anyone else comes in here with the same issue. thanks go to the xda users who helped point me in the right direction.

I've gotten a little lazy having had the Gnex and Nexus 7 for the last couple years (and my wife as well, who just got a Nexus5 when I got the Z Ultra GPE) as I've used the "Toolkits" on my last several flashings (including the wife's Nexus5 last week), so its been a while since I did this manually. Still, some things are different from the last manual flash I did. I'm not sure if its because its a Sony or if all non-Nexus devices have these little differences.

Because I haven't seen this anywhere at all, I'm going to go ahead and put down full instructions to save somebody else the hassle I had. Heck, maybe this is someone's first device.

How to install:

Unlock the bootloader. http://unlockbootloa...om/instructions

Download the CM zip file onto your PC. http://download.cyan...vice=togari_gpe (You will also want to put this on the phone along with the latest gapps zip from http://wiki.cyanogen...g/w/Google_Apps Easiest way would be to put it on the SD card, then put the sd card into the phone after unlocking the bootloader)

Unzip the CM rom file on your pc, inside is the file "boot.img", copy this file.

Go into the folder that you installed during the bootloader unlocking, probably something like this: C:\Android SDK\sdk\platform-tools\

Paste the boot.img file here, then from inside the platform-tools folder, hold the shift key and right-click in an empty area of the folder. Select open command window here.

To flash the boot.img, type:

fastboot flash boot boot.img

When the flash is done, then type:

fastboot reboot

When the Sony logo comes up, and the notification light is purple, press the vol-up button.

You should be in Clockworkmod now. Go to wipe data/factory reset. Personally, I then wipe cache partition just to be sure, then also advanced>wipe dalvik cache.

Go to install zip, and find your CM zip install file, install it.

Go to install zip, and find your gapps zip install file, install it.

Then I wipe cache partition just to be sure, then also advanced>wipe dalvik cache one more time just to be sure

Reboot. Enjoy CM.

It's pretty simple once you understand the subtle differences between the Z Ultra GPE and a Nexus device install process.

Edited by Lazarus Dark
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Thanks for sharing the fix for this. This odd behavior was a surprise to me too. Must be a problem with DoomLord's dual recovery being taken from the Z1.

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Doomlords kernel has been updated to fix that problem now. The new one is on XDA. Wish I had a link, but I'm not where I can get one.

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glad I could help chf. I knew there was no way I was the only one.

Thanks for the info wwyvern, I may try it again then, I did like the dual recovery for the little bit I got to play with it.

Now, if anyone could just tell me what's the holdup on a stable version of CM11 for the togari_gpe???

I mean, the nightly I have from February has been mostly stable, but the camera can be wonky on occasion.

Is there some place I can earmark a small donation to help get us to a stable version?

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I've yet to flash a version without play store force close and won't recognize internal storage anyone else?

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I have an Xperia Z1. Around July 20, 2014 I rooted the phone with the help of 'Doomlord'. Initially however I did not install a new custom ROM. Finally on July 27 I installed the CyanogenMod custom ROM for Android 4.4.4, M8 'honami'. At first all seemed okay. But then I noticed than when I swipe the phone to unlock, the text messaging app automatically opens. I tried changing the default text messaging app to Google hangouts, but the problem still remains.

Does anyone have any suggestions? Does anyone else have experience with the 'honami' custom ROM on an Xperia Z1? Sorry, but I am not really familiar with rooting Android devices - this is all new to me.

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