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Just tried out my first cm11 nightly cm-11-20131229, and I get a message about the installation failing when trying to install gapps. I tried 20131208 (Recommended) a 2-3 times, and then 20131119 (ART Compatible) a couple of times. I got an install fail message each time, but when booting back into system I find that they apparently did install. Maybe one particular app? All of the ggogle apps I use regularly have been working without issue so far, but it's still nagging me. I sould have copied the exact error message, I'll add it to my post shortly. Any ideas though?

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When I did my initial installs of both the experimental and nightly builds, both gapps reported the install failed yet everything functioned as designed after rebooting. I wouldn't worry about it.

Swyping on CyanogenMod

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