Cm11 On Jfltecri S4

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Installed cm11 4.4.2 and everything seems smooth but one thing dam MMS isn't working. I used textra with APN settings on and all I get is the 3g icon turning off and on and it won't send. Did everuthing possible reflashed a couple of times and nothing. It did work on cm10.2 4.3.1 snapshot m1 rom with textra setting. If somebody can please help me i would appreciate it.

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Fill apn configuration manually MMSC should behttp://mms.mycricket....n=xxx_xxx_xxxx x's being your phone number

2nd MMS Proxy should be wap.mycricket.com

3rd MMS Port should be 8080 after this it will work a lot of the guides i've seen will tell you proxy is mms.cricket.com i've never had that work.

I stole that from a xda post. Here's the original.


It works for me...

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