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Samsung Devices "we Couldn't Talk To Your Phone"

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We have noticed many of you are experiencing difficulties with the Installer and communicating with your Samsung devices. In most trouble cases, the driver that the Installer attempts to install while the device is in Download Mode fails via the Installer. The Installer gives some generalized instructions on how to potentially fix this issue however in some cases this does not work.

We have updated the Wiki page for the Installer to include the manual driver process. While we attempt to automate this procedure, Windows can be temperamental and driver issues is one of the most difficult challenges to overcome. If you encounter the "We couldn't talk to your phone" error via the Installer and feel adventurous, you can try these steps from the Wiki (http://wiki.cyanogen...enMod_Installer):

  1. Download the zadig file needed to install additional drivers from http://zadig.akeo.ie/
  2. Once downloaded, place you phone in Download Mode. This can be achieved by one of the following methods:
    • ADB command (if you use the Android SDK) - adb reboot download
    • Using hardware key buttons. Power device down and use hard key combos to boot up (they vary by Samsung model): Volume Down + Home Button (depends on model) + Power Button. At the Warning!! screen hit the Volume up arrow. If this does not work for your model or you do not have a home button, Google is your friend.
    • Using the installer. The installer usually gives the error message and leaves the device in Download Mode. Leave the device in Download Mode and proceed to follow these instructions

[*]With the Samsung device in Download Mode, plug it in to the PC.

[*]Double click on zadig.exe downloaded from http://zadig.akeo.ie/

[*]In zadig, select Options > List All Devices

[*]From the drop down, look for your device to show as 'Gadget Serial' or 'MSM8x60' and select it.

[*]In the drop down next to the green arrow are 3 options: WinUSB, libusbK, and libusb-win32. Try the first option, WinUSB, and click the Replace/Reinstall Driver button.

[*]Open Device Manager in Windows. Look under 'Universal Serial Bus devices' and see if your device is now recognized by Windows. If not, repeat the previous step trying the one of the other two driver alternatives - libusbK and libusb-win32

[*]Once you have a driver installed from zadig, you can reboot the Samsung device. Try the installer again. Now that you have manually applied the driver needed by the CyanogenMod Installer, it should recognize the device and no longer present the 'We couldn't talk to your phone' error message.

The last resort is to delete any drivers from Device Manager and start fresh. So after you plug your device in as stated in Step 4, check Device Manager. If your device is shown, right click on it and select the Uninstall option to remove the driver. Continue the rest of the steps to use Zadig to install a driver manually.

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