Wired Headset Has No Audio On Call

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Problem: No audio on wired handset when receiving VOIP call

I've been trying to pin down the root cause of this for days without any luck whatsoever. I've heard through the grape vine that this might be a known issue in CM, but I can't find any evidence of that. Can anyone shed any light on this?

Hardware: Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7" (GT-P3113)

Software: Various CyanogenMod 10.1 and 10.2 stable and nightlies (including cm-10.2-20130904-NIGHTLY-p3110)

Steps to reproduce:

1) Start with fresh CM build. Install CSipSimple and set up an account.

2) Power off tablet

3) Plug in wired handset

4) Reboot tablet and make sure CSipSimple has your account registered

5) Call your registered account from another machine


Prior to the call, system audio plays just fine through the handset. You can hear incidental noises (tap noises, etc). When the call comes in, the ringtone plays through both the speakers and the handset. When the call connects, the microphone on the wired handset works just fine but you can't get audio through the earpiece of the headset nor through the speakers.


Tapping the "speakerphone" button while in call sends the audio to the speaker correctly, and tapping the button again then correctly sends the audio to the earpiece of the headset. Logcat doesn't have any clear error messages in it, but I'll post one on request.

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