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Cm 10.2 Tablet Ui

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There is no tablet ui appearing when changing lcddencity to 170. Is this only with me or CM 10.2 doesn't support tablet ui on Nexus 7?

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I can attest to this as well; I have changed my dpi to 160, and the ui doesn't change to a tablet ui. The density still changes, and I will leave the density at 160 dpi because I prefer the size for interaction. I believe I understand why this could be an intentional thing in the ROM, though. With the option in settings to change the status bar and customize the ui yourself (to a point), allowing the ROM to default to a tablet ui could cause issues with that customization option. I believe disabling that option would help prevent a conflict with the built-in customization options. I may be wrong with that, but that is my guess as to why the tablet ui doesn't manifest itself at 160 dpi.

Sorry for the double post, but I discovered something with the change to 160 dpi; while the home screen ui does not change to tablet ui, the settings changes to a tablet ui. This further convinces me that it is an intentional disabling of the tablet ui on the home screen due to possible conflicts with the built-in customization options.

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