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[Request] Cyanogenmod (Any Version) For Huawei Ideos X3 U8510

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Hey, so I have a little request... Can someone please share a CyanogenMod Rom that has EVERYTHING working for the ideos x3? I have tried the U8150 roms on the official download site and a rc3 mod on one of the forum topics about the same phone. Still, I have both of these, but they won't install, CWM says "Installation aborted". I tried Getuk 2.2.3, it installed, but on trying to recording videos on camera crashes, I didn't like it very much, since some applications were missing from my stock rom, like appinstaller, and misc. Still, I am about to try Supertoast, I´ll see what happens later...

Still, someone generous enough to shed some light on me please?

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Hi, I am running this "Unofficial source port of CyanogenMod 7.2 for HUAWEI IDEOS X3". It is very stable (using it for almost a year), and everything works fine (compass, wi-fi, messages, gps, etc.).

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Hmmm. I think I will try it, but I read that the languages available are only Portuguese and English, since I am from Mexico, I sometimes need to use spanish settings, but it is not a big deal.

Anyway, I do have a request for a mod to be made for the ideos x3. I have tried 3 roms, and there is something that I always find that makes me kinda incomfortable using the custom rom flashed. I have found some problems and bugs upon trying these custom roms...

1) App crashes, such as camera recording.

2) Missing apns, (not much of a problem though.)

3) Sluggish roms or stuckish...

4) My latest find, connecting with cable my phone to pc but only laptop displays my external sd card memory on Drive F:, doesn't display internal phone sd...

5) Volume on low settings can sometimes be too loud and "can explode" making it sound with poor quality.

So, here is the question once again; is someone generous enough to make a Cyanogenmod rom for my ideos x3? If the answer is yes, (no pressure), but I would like a rom with:

- Good volume like most devices,,,

- Everything is functional. ( Wi-fi, bluetooth, etc.)

- Basic apps and utilities (sim toolkit, sms, caller, etc.)

- A little bit fast rom, (no overclock by default)

- Connecting phone to pc shows both internal and external memory ports. (Usb connection enabled).

I think that is all, still, I am not pressuring anybody, I am just asking if someone is kind enough to make a rom with all (or some) of these specifications. In a few words, I want a rom like the official Cyanogenmod 7.2, where everything works, (or the most of things work).Or at least share a link to a rom similar to this one, that is very stable.

To whoever creats or shares a link, may God bless you!!!

EDIT: Don't wanna pressure, I know that doing this takes time, so I would like to know how much time it takes... If it helps. I have CWM installed.

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