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[ Solved ] Rogers - Samsung G2 S2 Lte Sgh-I727R - Root

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Well my question was is my phone closer to the Samsung 'Skyrocket' or 'Hercules'?

Yes, I can confirm the Skyrocket "cm-10-20130101-NIGHTLY-skyrocket.zip" works correctly. (Note: the Hercules installs/works but the accelerometer does not work at all.)


Rooted Phone - Model as per description. Phone must have su access (Rooted) already on any running stock rom or mod

ADB - Software for running commands on your phone

Files used:

cm-10-######-NIGHTLY-skyrocket.zip - Available from: http://get.cm/?devic...et&type=nightly

recovery-clockwork-#####-skyrocket.img - Available from: http://www.clockworkmod.com/rommanager

Superuser-3.###-arm-signed.zip - Available from: http://androidsu.com/superuser/

Notice: Instructions here are for reference only. Information is for qualified professionals only and any information here may cause irreversible damage. Use at own risk.

Setup instructions:

1. On your phone download all three files above to your andoid 'download folder' ( or anywhere on your andoid, but the download folder is easyest and will be used for this example)

2. Connect your phone to your pc via usb cable in usb debug mode.

Ensure: A. Install the Google SDK - install Google USB Drivers - AND - Andoid SDK platform-tools.

B. You have installed the google/samsung usb drivers and are workinng

3. On your PC go to a Windows command prompt.

A. Navagate to the google SDK folder (Example: cd\program files\adt-bundle-windows-x86_64\)

B. Navagate to the SDK/plateform-tools folder inside.

C. Run, type ' ADB Shell '

if you get:

[email protected]:/ $

- Continue with Step D.

if you get:

error: device not found

- Check your driver / cable / and that the phone is in USB debuggin mode (system setttings on phone)

D. Run, Type ' su '

if you get:

[email protected]:/ #

- Continue with Step E.

if you get:

Permission denied or File not found.

- Your phone is not rooted! stop and root your phone first. )

E. Navigate to your download forlder ( Example: ' cd sdcard/Download ' )

F. Run, type ' dd if=./recovery-clockwork-#####-skyrocket.img of=/dev/block/mmcblk0p22 bs=4096 '

Change the 'recovery-clockwork-#####-skyrocket.img' ###'s to the correct file name you downloaded from CockworkMod's website.

Double check the command above with your's a typo could ruin your phone!

G. Run, reboot. ( your phone will reboot! ) or exit and reboot your phone.

4. Your phone now has the 'recovery' boot manager from Clockwork mod!

To enter CWM Recovery mode, turn off your phone and …

Hold ‘up’ and ‘down’ volume and press the ‘power’ button, once it vibrates and you see the Samsung logo you can release the keys.

5. Wait (10 seconds+) in darkness to load CWM recovery...

A. Select ' Install zip from sdcard '

B. Select ' choose zip from internal sdcard '

C. Select ' download ' (or folder you saved the files in from above )

D. select ' cm-10-######-NIGHTLY-skyrocket.zip ' ( change ### into correct file name downloaded )

you need to click and drag the ' No 's down to see the 'yes' option ....

E. Wait for success message, if it fails here start from the begining again or try another CyanogenMod.zip version from their website.

F. from the CWM recovery now run, wipe data/factory reset, wipe cache partition, and advanced / wipe dalvik cache.

G. Reboot. Let CM load ( may take 2 min! ) just wait at the logo screen ( First install is slower then later reboots )

6. Rooting your new CWM!

A. See step 5 and reboot into CWM recovery again.

B. Install zip from sd card.

C. Go to download folder and Superuser-3.###-arm-signed.zip

D. wait for the success message and reboot.

Done! That ends this here!

I normally install Google Apps like in step6, install gapps.zip then go from there, but you’re on your own from here :)


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