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Would Like To Mod Softwinerevb Tablet

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Hello, I've been looking in to this for a few days and am struggling to get anywhere. I have been given a generic, brandless android tablet running android 4.0.3, and having seen how well a friend is getting on with cyanogenmod on his phone thought I could install it on my tablet. But so far no luck as I can't find the appropriate files.

The model number shows as softwinerEvbV13 and the build number as crane_evb_v13-eng 4.0.3 IML74K 20120412 test-keys. I don't know if that's useful or not!

The tablet is rooted, and appears to be rooted as standard (if you do a factory reset it comes back rooted). I can't seem to get in to boot mode (holding down the volume down brings up an android on its back with red exclamation mark (apparently a pre-boot screen), but no combination of buttons seems to move me to the boot loader. I have installed rom manager and gooapps to tgry and boot into the recovery mode, but also no luck. Mind you this is all jumping the gun really as I don't have a rom to install when I get there.

I don't really know where to go from here and would appreciate some help.

Many thanks.

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Hi Matthew. I also acquired such an animal. Mine is a Michley Tivax "MiTraveler" 10-inch generic tablet with ICS 4.0.3 on it. It's also a crane build. Mine is a model bc1077, so the build number (which apparently is also the "rom number") is crane_bc1077....something or other. Similar to yours. Enough-so that I think we're close to dealing with a nearly-similar animal.

I am responding because of your inability to navigate the boot-mode menu. THAT DROVE ME CRAZY!!! But I ACIDENTALLY discovered that Mr. Crane (or whoever the maestro is) pre-configured them to respond to keyboard input. I bought mine with an optional USB keyboard and I love it. But when I was doing experimental stuff on it (such as you are), There was NO way to navigate the menu which was useless.

BUT... one of the times I was playing around, I had the keyboard plugged in. TO MY SURPRISE, the menu responded to the cursor-arrows ON THE KEYBOARD!!!

So that's the trick. Get a compatible USB keyboard that has cursor arrows and your problem is solved. Mine was, anyway.

Good luck.



David Sullivan

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By the way, Matthew, one of my sons and I have been scouring the Internet for similarities with the Crane-based tablets and whatever else is out there. SO far, it seems that those with the Allwinners a10 seem to be an exact-near critter. I haven't been brave enough to take my chances and TRY it yet though because we're still searching and comparing. My biggest concern so-far is that it seems that all the a10s I've found are 7-inch. Mine's a 10-inch.

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Hey guys

does somebody did the mentioned before..?

I´m looking for some step by step about new rom

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