Samsung Galaxy S Wifi 5.0 Cyanogen Mod?

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I have a Samsung Galaxy S WiFi 5.0 készülékem.És I would like to ask why the device is not supported on Cyanogen team? (Same as the Samsung Galaxy S phone)

I guess I should just CHANGE SGS cyanogen ROM's done and you will be ICS, SGS WiFi 5.0 for JB as well.

Thank you for your response.

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Even if model name is similar hardware is different. Galaxy S and galaxy S Advance for instance have different hardware, while the only "visible" change in characteristics seems to be the 1.2GHz CPU speed instead of the 1.0GHz on standard Galaxy S.

It may seem an easy task porting from one model to another, but different hardware causes the software to behave differently and to use differently the hardware itself. If there's no official support for SGS 5 WiFi it means that either the ROM is totally incompatible at the moment or it wasn't tested on that particular model.

If you're feeling lucky you may want to use your device as a test subject, but remember that you may encounter hard problems, even ones that may not have a solution (yet) or a real irrecoverable hard brick that may turn your device beautifully useless.

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