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Cyanogenmod 10 For Lg Optimus S

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Is there any chance at all this is being worked on? I'd love it if there was an official port since this is still a very capable device so long as you're not using the stock ROM. CM9 works wonders on this phone with two exceptions: Voice recognition does not work at all. This means apps like the Google Voice Search and Iris don't work as well but I can live without the novelty of a Siri ripoff. The second exception is that it struggles playing high quality videos now, which isn't too much of a bad thing but I would love it if it were possible again.

Any info on this hopeful endeavour? I've been googling around but I get info for ports of CM7 and CM9. The exact phone model is the LG Optimus S LS670 (nothing else, just the regular LS670)

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