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9.1 Stable Vs Cm9 Nightly On Sept 3, 2012

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My understanding is that there are no more nightly builds planned for cm9 and all effort is being focused on cm10.

I have put 9.1 stable on my samsung captivate device; however, having alot of crashes on said device.

I have noticed there is a nightly build on Sept 3, 2012 - about 5 days from the 9.1 stable build.

Is this nightly build included the cm9 or cm9.1 stable version (plus fixes/tweeks)?

Can someone mention what has been changed between 9.1stable and this cm9 sept 3rd nightly build?

I am toying with the idea that I may want to flash the nightly build over my 9.1 stable in hopes I end up with a better build.. comments? concerns?

possibly I might have to go back to 7.2 but I would prefer not to do that... maybe I will try to go back to 9.0RC2 and it seemed that crashed less than 9.1 at least on my phone..

FYI: I have posted a similar thread on the "stable" portion of cyanogenmod forum but I am posting here a slightly different question with hope I will get more discussion here on the nightly version of cm9...

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This is the changelog. Nightlies have all the previous code plus whatever's new.

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