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[Request + sad story] u8800-51

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Hello everybody, please, read this:

Many users of this model, the Huawei u8800-51 are really angry/sad, like me, because our phone meets the requierments to run Gingerbread and hopefully ICS. But Huawei stated that won't be realeasing any update to this version of the Ideos x5, a customized version for AT&T and many other carriers like mine, entel (Chile). We where fooled by our service provider that told us that it was the u8800 version, that got the upgrade finally. We have no response from Huawei or anyone, so we all feel left alone.

We have a large supporting community on the website (in Spanish, sorry about that) but they have not reached any goal, but I'm sure that they're trying their best...

So please, I'm asking for anyone that has knowledge/time to port CM7 or CM9 to out cellphone because all the said above...

Sincerely, a left-beside user.

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