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Teredo / Miredo (automatic IPv6 tunnel) in CM?

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I would like to have IPv6 on my CM phone (HTC Wildfire). As my provider (like most telco's) won't offer native IPv6 for the next coming years, I would like to have teredo / miredo in CM.

For those who don't know: teredo / miredo is an automatic IPv6 tunnel, tunneling it's IPv6 traffic over IPv4 (even behind NAT). Teredo was invented by Microsoft and introduced on Windows XP, and is installed and activated by default on Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. Teredo will give you a public IPv6 address starting with 2001:0:...

Teredo is available on Linux/Unix/BSD under the name Miredo, and it works well for me: on my Ubuntu, a simple "sudo apt-get install miredo" is enough to have IPv6 connectivity. There is no configuration needed.

So, here's my question / request: can teredo / miredo be included in Cyanogenmod?

FYI: my LAN at home is IPv6 enabled. When my CM is connected to my LAN via Wifi, IPv6 and apps work great. So Android itself is fully IPv6 enabled already. I guess that means adding teredo / miredo will give IPv6 connectivity while connected to 3G.


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