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Combining Cyanogen with PDroid

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Dear all, this is my first day on Cyanogen (first day on non-stock ROM), loving it, thanks devs! Now decorating my reborn toy. I had my eyes on PDroid, as I am concerned with the abundance of permissions some apps claim. Today I found out that Cyanogen already provides a mechanism for revoking permissions on an app out-of-the-box. Nice! What makes me still consider PDroid is that Cyanogen does not allow me to provide bogus info for the revoked permissions (e.g. random phone ID). This causes instability (which the dialogs correctly warn against). So now I need info to make choices:

  • Is it possible to flash the PDroid mod over Cyanogen, or does that conflict? I can imagine the PDroid mod to be written as delta on the stock ROMs... I could go try to figure this out, start a discussion with PDroid community or dev, but there is the obvious alternative:
  • Can / should / might / will Cyanogen provide a similar random-data feature for the revoked permissions (making PDroid obsolete) in the (near-ish) future?

Dear all, I'd love you hear your advise / ideas on this!



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Can't answer the first part; haven't used or attempted to use PDroid.

I can answer the second part, regarding CM inclusion of such a function. And the answer is a resounding "no". Originally, the functionality for CM mirrored that of PDroid, including 'spoofing' the data calls. It was decided that our footprint in the Android ecosystem was too large to ship such functionality out of the box. A million active users of our own, plus the many derivatives that use our source, would essentially cause a million+ polluted data and statistics for app developers.

Not only was this deemed unacceptable, we received feedback from 'the powers that be' that should such functionality be issued directly, CM could very well be cutoff from all Android Market applications, which again, would ripple to most Custom ROMs.

So, we chose to neuter the functionality.

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Wow, that is food for thought. Especially the part of being pressured into removing such functionality...

Thanks for taking the time to explain the history on this, I will give it some thought.

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