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Need some help if i can get it here

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Phone model: HTC Desire


CM version:7.1.0-Desire

build number: GWK74

Kernel version: [email protected]#1

Ok simple problem: cant conect to the internet. The wifi works great. i got my APN settings from my network idiots but still i cannot conect, it doesnt even start i klick on Data enabeld but still nothing is even remotely moving ewerething else works fine even better than fine. But the internet just wont start...

Im a idiot for this kind of stuff. I instaled cyanogen without even doing a backup for the system. witch allmost backfired as my phone was a BRICK for a whole week. That big of a idiot i am. I hope you can help me. Thanks in advance.

Im first time on this blog so im not sure if i can post it here. im sorry if i cannot.

P.S sorry for my bad English

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