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Data issue (HSDPA > 3G) and network pref lost

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I'm noticing since installing (and with 7.1.0) that my phone spends allot more time in HSDPA mode than it does in 3g.

I live in a major city with full 3G coverage, and with the stock rom I only saw HSDPA mode when I was far outside of the city.

Since installing the CM, I've seen HSDPA much more often than 3G.

Also, on reboot (and sometimes randomly) the network preference resets.

- phone - *#*#4636*#*#

It starts as WCDMA

I manually set to GSM/CDMA auto (prl) <-- This is what my provider (mobilicity) says the phone should be set on.

Turn the radio off and on and it seems to work, initially I won't get connection to my carrier, but after setting GSM/CDMA it connects (Mobilicity --> Vancouver --> Canada)... And I often see 3g as well.

These may be associated with each other.

Anyone else having similiar problems?


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