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Restore Stock Firmware LG G2x

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I installed CM7 on my G2x about a month ago.  Overall it was pretty good.  Had a few issues with the 4G and Youtube, but nothing major.  However last week I decided I wanted to go back to the stock firm (Gingerbread)...

And then the trouble started.  I had flashed clockwork before I installed CM7, but I forgot to do a backup of my stock firmware (a mistake for which I am now paying dearly).  I've spent the last week trying to find a way to reinstall the stock but haven't been able to.  The closest I've come is this.  I downloaded the file LG-P999-V10f.rar and it turns out its Froyo, not gingerbread, and when I installed it the LG updater on my computer said it was uptodate, and the System Update on the phone wouldn't work due to an authentication error.  At first I just wanted to reinstall the stock so I could compare it with CM7 to decide which I liked better, but now I'm worried that if something happens to the phone I won't be able to send it back in because they'll say I voided the warranty.  Please help,Jake

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