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Samsung Galaxy Precedent (SCH-M828C) = cyanogen(mod) ?

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Sup all. I am Probably in the wrong place with this post, So Please with that in mind. Let’s not get off on some random thought of trying to correct where this post belongs and let’s just let it be. We are all here to try to help each other Right? Right. Now I have a not so simple question or maybe I do but I just have not found my answer yet. I am trying to find a workable port of CM to Straight Talk Samsung Galaxy Precedent (SCH-M828C) I have ran all of the Net and have not found any that work without Hard Bricking the phone. I have found a Good Gingerbread/CWM/ETC. off of a Good Site (Forum) but still no Cyanogen. If anyone has any info on CM port for this model please post or send me a message...

Thanks. AzHavicx

Samsung Galaxy Precedent

AA51 GingerBread v2.2 (A.k.A GreenBread v2.2)

Android 2.3/CWM/T.Backup



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