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Samsung T499 Dart (contract phone)

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Is anyone aware of successful roots and OS mod installs for the Samsung T499 Dart? I am new to this and am not very savvy about rooting and mods, this will be my first. I understand that I should have a restore image first, but it seems no one has been able to post one for this phone. I really want to install a custom OS as the one that comes stock is abysmal and I barely have internal room to do anything because of the proprietary T-Mobile junk that's pre-installed on it.

If anyone has any information that would be helpful (read: instructions that could be followed by a complete n00b) in my search for a mod for this phone, I would appreciate it very much.

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Hello EzraGarrison i am here on behalf of DashBlack, developer for the Samsung Dart or SGH-T499 port of CyanogenMod 7. I would love to answer your question yes!

The Rom is now Stable for daily use and we are constantly working to make it better. We also have ClockworkMod entirely ready so CyanogenMod can be flashed.

Below are each of our forum subjects so all who possess this phone can begin flashing.

ClockworkMod Recovery 5


CyanogenMod 7.2.0-Kang


Root with Superoneclick


Required flashing tools and Stock Rom's


I am the Moderator for the SGH-T499 subforum on Madteam and i can be found under the same name on (Freenode in IRC channel gti5500)

please come and ask me any questions regarding this phone if you have any.

and please thank DashBlack for all his work in making a successful port of CyanogenMod 7 :D

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Where can I get active links for this ROM? And has there been any more development on it?I'm stuck using it since my optimus got stolen. So while I'm using it I'd like to at least get rid of the old 2.2 so what is the most stable and most working ROM out there?

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