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RFQ Most Compatible CyanogenMod ROM for LG L45C / L55C / AS680 Optimus Net

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Request Recommended CyanogenMod for Smart Phone L45C / L55C / AS680 Optimus Net

Which one of the CyanogenMod ROMs available for download is the most compatible to the LG- L45C taking the following specs into consideration:

Phone Brand: LG

Model: L45C

O/S: Android 2.3.4 LG Stock ROM

SOC (System on a Chip):

Qualcomm Snapdragon 800MHz single core RISC processor with DSP, ARM7 instruction set. It appears to be either the Qualcomm MSM7630/Adreno205GPU or MSM7627A/Adreno200GPU chip

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I dont know if you're trying to port this or something. But the Optimus Net (L45C) and the Optimus Q (L55C) would have completely different key mapping. One is a slider one isn't. ARM6 Processor that is ARM7 Compatible though...cant run flash properly. Gelato board... the L55C is almost exactly the same as the VM701 (Virgin Mobile Optimus Slider). I've even read that the roms work equally as well on either. I kind of think that perhaps they're the same phone with a different body and a different version of the android os preloaded.

I think the LG L45C and the LG AS680 are the same phone. And the LG L55C and the LG VM701 are the same phone. That is pure speculation. I'd love to see a port of cyanogen to these phones, but I wouldn't look for it anytime soon. ATM, there is no available port that is going to work.

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jcole20, thanks. Do you have the L55C ? When I have System Panel > Device tab displayed on my L45C it shows ARM6, but the Qualcomm page for the Snapdragon SOC says the Snapdragon is ARM7. Do you have system Panel? What does the System Panel > Device tab report your ARM version as?

I would like to see a CMod too. These phones are very inexpensive computing powerhouses. I have 60 applications I run from Memento databases to tehering. Theses models are an incredible value at $100 out right purchase per unit. I got one for missus too.

> cant run flash properly.

Does this mean the ROM in NAND cannot be overwritten, but the ROM held in RAM can be overwritten? Does an ARM7 processor allow ROM in NAND to be overwritten?.

I got my Snapdragon information and ARM versions from:


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I do have an LG L55C. I would assume that anything can be flashed with enough effort. However, from what I've read about the vm 701, flash requires an arm7 processor to run. Working around this would likely just cause horrible frame rates. I've installed flash on this phone using alterior sources and it runs horribly if it loads. These processors are arm6. To be honest I'm not well versed on the reasons behind that. My processor info is available here http://i43.tinypic.com/zv3qf7.jpg . I mispoke when I said arm7 compatible that came from me thinking I had seen something that I hadn't not long after getting this phone. I completely agree these are very powerful phones for the price. Underclocking is a great tool to increase these phones performance. I do not believe these phones have snapdragon processors. From my understanding they're factory overclocked to 800mhz and aren't stable increasing it anymore than maybe 50mhz. That is the case with the vm701 and I am pretty sure the lg l55c is the same. I almost want to say the only difference between the l45c and the l55c is the sliding keyboard. The specs are identical iirc. I can tell you putting my phone next to my gf's samsung galaxy s 4g my phone underclocked outperforms her phone in most cases... though her phone is completely stock from t-mobile. If I run a quadrant benchmark on my phone and hers (not really important or reliable) my phone outperforms hers score wise, but visually she's the hands down winner. Her processor is an arm7 and mine being arm6 compliant. I do not have this system panel you speak of... I mean I have plenty of specs available in my settings but no system panel. I wish I was more well versed on android but I'm not. I do run linux on my personal computer but system directories I don't quite understand in comparison to my knowledge of its windows counterparts. I'm working on it though.... good luck with your research. I really wouldn't worry about flash personally..

Sent from my LGL55C using Tapatalk

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Understand now, Adobe Flash not NAND flash.

I had similar experience with a Samsung Intercept, slow compared to the L45C. Fortunately I had bought it at Target and exchanged it for another L45C within the 45day refund/exchange period.

The reason I mentioned the Snapdragon processor was because I called LG customer support and the agent told me the L45C uses Qualcomm Snapdragon. The agent spent about 10 minutes calling other departments to find this out for me. Since the L55C and the VM501 appear to be the slider version of the same phone I was guessing that the two sliders were using the Snapdragon as well. The AS680 was mentioned on the LG site in a product highlight titled " Optimus 2 " at http://www.lg.com/us...es/LG-AS680.jsp The AS680 has the identical appearance of the L45C with the same specs.

These are screenshots from my L45C taken with Screenshot It by Edward Kim of System Panel v1.1.1 by NextApp, Device Panel




Loading up on english, ASL, medical, law, dictionaries today. Link2SD makes plenty of additional room available.

Have fun

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Okay just thought I'd update you a bit on my understanding of these phones. The VM 701 does not have the same keymapping as the LG L55C. It seems the Home and Menu keys are reversed but that is it... also a kernel from one will not work correctly on the other. As far as your L45C and the AS680... my guess is they are the same. However, my guess is really just that.. a guess. The processor is snapdragon. This post should be edited to only assume the L45C because a cyanogenmod for the L45C would not work on the L55C. It may run...idk but the keymapping would certainly not be the same. I can tell you over at androidcentral there may be work of a cyanogenmod port for the L55C, but I doubt it. I'm thinking about investing in a second L55C just to put one in the hands of someone who can develop for it. If I had access to a computer with Linux (mine is currently not in my possession) I'd take on the task. Albeit it would be a huge learning curve for me I'm sure I could do it. Anyways, good luck with this thread I'm trying to bump it for you to maybe get some attention from someone else more knowledgeable than myself on these things.

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