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CM7 on Telstra (Australia) -- Flash modem/baseband for 850MHz, reset APN, and update SMSC number

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I just thought I would post to possible save other people trawling the internet for answers! It appears that CM7 doesn't support Telstra's 850MHz network as default.

I flashed my Galaxy S through various DarkyRom versions until CyanogenMod released CM7.1, and I have been very happy with the speed and stability of my phone since flashing CM. I did, however, notice that my phone was always on '3Telstra', and not 'Telstra Mobile'. This means it was using the old (and soon to be killed off) 2100MHz network that Telstra and VHA (Vodafone + 3) co-own, instead of Telstra's 850MHz NextG network. I didn't have any issues until I went away for a weekend and found out that my phone couldn't get reception anywhere outside the city, when my friends' phones (on various networks) could, at least some of the time. So I did some hunting around and figured I needed to flash a new modem/baseband.

I flashed the new modem using Rom Manager Premium. After flashing CM7 Rom Manager wouldn't show me any roms or rom updates, and I couldn't backup from the app. That's because you have a few steps to perform to make it work with CM7:

- Open Rom Manager

- Click 'Flash ClockWorkMod Recovery'

- In the pop-up, choose 'Samsung Galaxy S i9000 MTD'

- Then there's a warning. Click 'yes'.

- Then click 'ClockworkMod 3.x'

- Then click 'ok'

- Exit Rom Manager, and open Rom Manager again.

Ok, so now Rom Manager works properly (you can see roms, backup and restore, etc.), you can flash a new modem:

- Open Rom Manager

- Click 'download rom'

- Click 'CM7/MIUI modems'

- Scroll down to 'KG3' (This is the newest modem that supports 850MHz)

- Click on 'KG3', then click 'download'.

- Click 'no'

- Click 'ok'

Your phone will reboot, install the new modem, and go back into CM7.


I found that flashing a new modem mucked up my data and SMS. The solution:

Next, reset your APN (so your phone can send and receive mobile data and mms):

- Go to Menu > Settings > Wireless and networks > Mobile networks > Access point names > Menu > Reset to default

Next, reset your SMSC (the number that allows you to send SMS):

(Telstra's SMSC is+61418706700 which must be entered in PDU format:07911614786007F0)

- Open dialer

- Type *#*#4636#*#* then click on 'phone information', then scroll down to 'SMSC'

- click 'refresh'. If it is not 07911614786007F0, type it in and click on 'update'.

- Reboot.

Your Galaxy S will now use the Telstra 850MHz network, and will be able to send SMSes again.

Things to check:

- Menu > Settings > About phone > Baseband version

-- It should now be I9000UGKG3

- scroll to the top and click on 'status', then scroll to 'network'

-- It should now say 'Telstra mobile' instead of '3Telstra'.

My phone got much better signal strength by doing this.Hopefully this helps anyone who wonders why Rom Manager doesn't work, why they are on the wrong Telstra network, or why they can't send SMS or use mobile data.




For more on APNs, Telstra has a config website:


...and the details are here:


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Thanks for this

I'm on Telstra with MIUI and have installed the UGKG3 modem via a ZIP through recovery mod I found on another forum

Have re-setup the APNs as well

Will see how the speed/battery life goes!


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I'm with Telstra, and I had a few issues back when I was using 9.2 of Darkys Rom, I did a FULL reset of the phone, using some long code, and it reset / reactivated the 850MHz band. It's not that the new modems don't support it, they deactivate it because it isn't used overseas. I just flashed to JVT using the modem it provides, and there hasn't been any issues. Pretty sure all my issues originated from doing a full wipe of the phone when I installed Darkys Rom, and it stopped using the 850 band.

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Telstra released 2.3.3 update recently

This update uses a new modem DVJV4

I flashed the CM7/MIUI compatible version of this but I'm wondering which performs better.

I feel like UGKG3 was better though it's sorta hard to tell.

Will try figure out how to do those Latency/speed tests

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