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Samsung Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch (SPH-D710)

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@bubby323dev is getting closer to a fully-working CM7.1 on the Samsung Galaxy II Epic Touch 4G. The only major function still not working is GPS. The progress can be seen here: http://rootzwiki.com/user/47722-bubby323/

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All that remains to be implemented is 4Gees :-)

Sent from my Blended ICS SPH-D710

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Simply because this hasn't been updated in awhile, the best unofficial port I have found:


I have 0 problems using this in everyday life. GPS, 3G, 4G (Sprints WiMax) camera, audio, hardware controls, all of it seems flawless. Follow the specific setup steps, theres a certain version of CWM youll need to use, cant just download the rom and flash with your own, but once you get the Odin setup process down (how most Samsung phones are rooted) it was easy as pie.

In addition, strong evidence here to suggest you'll see it added to official CM9 builds in the near future:

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