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run-as not working due to /data/data symlink

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I'd like to report a bug with Cyanogen 7.1 RC1, which makes the "run-as" command unusable.

"run-as" can be used to run commands with the permissions of an installed package, and is e.g. required

when debugging with ndk-gdb (i.e., "run-as" is essential for development).

On CyanogenMod, "adb shell run-as org.example.app" fails with the message "run-as: Package 'org.example.app' has corrupt installation".

The reason "run-as" does not work on cyanogen mod is the fact that "run-as"

does have strict requirements about the permissions of the application data directory:

it checks whether the application data directory (and all subdirectories leading up to it)

is owned by the system user and system group, and whether it is a real directory. However, /data/data

is a symlink in cyanogen, which makes "run-as" fail.

I've worked around it by removing the symlink and moving the contents of /datadata into /data/data,

but wanted to make you aware of this issue so this can hopefully be fixed properly.


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