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Personalized contact ringtone not working properly in CM7?

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Hello everyone!

i have a question about said topic,

i just installed the newest CM7 for Galaxy S - 05 11 2011 nightly and i have noticed that when personalizing ringtones for individual contacts through the contact list > "contact" > left soft key > options > ringtone , it oftenly doesnt "catch" the set ringtone.

i mean - the menu says that the ringtone is set but when that person calls me i get the main regular ringtone OR no ringtone at all but sometimes it does play the personalized ringtone.

sometimes even when i set personalized ringtones for a couple of contact they get mixed up

I.E - when mom calls she gets dads ringtone, when a friend calls he gets another friends ringtone.

its like it is doing a roulette with the ringtones, and sometimes it doesnt even ring, just stays silent.

any clue how to fix this?

all of my ringtones are in MP3 format, they work and media scanner identified them properly.

they are under /sdcard/RINGTONES and they work.

thank you all !

also, coming from a PilotXrom 2.2.1, now the speaker volume is MUCH weaker, any way on making it stronger?

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anyone ?

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