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LG Vortex (VS660)

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Well I've been looking at the LG Vortex and I've noticed lots of things that need to Cyanotized, like Bing search -__-

This phone has reportedly been rooted by a XDA poster using z4root but there are no roms or recoveries for it. Any chance you guys could whip up a rom?

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Ok I come to you people, the people that know custom roms.

I have an LG Vortex and i am making a custom rom for it

I got my rom to boot up and everything works fine but one thing so far


I want to remove Bing and have all Google

So i remove the bing apk

and added google

Now when i push my hard key for search it gives me an error about LGHome has to force close

so i am thinking that bing is some how in LGhome.apk

any help on this would be awesome

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I would love a port for this phone. The LG Optimus line seems very popular so I imagine this phone is too. I also have a few family members who use it so it would be great for them too!

They released the source code for the LG Vortex (if that's helpful) but I don't know exactly when.


Look for VS660. That is the Vortex's model number.

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This is (apparently) almost the same phone as the Optimus V, at the least it's very similar to the Optimus line. The build.prop file lists thunderc (from the Optimus line) quite a few different times. I tried flashing the "Scott Pilgrim Awesomeness" ROM (for the Optimus V: http://forum.androidcentral.com/lg-optimus-s-rooting-roms-hacks/60353-testing-scott-pilgrim-awesomeness-cm7-gingerbread-current-02272011-nightly.html) and it boots but without video. The screen backlight goes on/off and the volume buttons work. I can ADB shell in to it but lsmod doesn't have any output at all. I'm not sure how else to see the hardware in the phone.

From the 2.2.1 stock ROM

dmesg: http://pastebin.com/UyppT859

logcat: http://pastebin.com/thA8PMjb

build.prop: http://pastebin.com/8587JXBu

Processor : ARMv6-compatible processor rev 5 (v6l)

BogoMIPS : 245.61

Features : swp half thumb fastmult vfp edsp java

CPU implementer : 0x41

CPU architecture: 6TEJ

CPU variant : 0x1

CPU part : 0xb36

CPU revision : 5

Hardware : THUNDER Verizone board (LGE VS660)

Revision : 0000

Serial : 0000000000000000

build.prop lists the chipset as: msm7627

and the board as: thunderc

Rooted stock 2.2.1 ROM: http://androidforums.com/vortex-all-things-root/261820-rooted-2-2-1-update.html

Stock Recovery: http://www.mediafire.com/?i1891y3o1uyunhu

Modded Recovery: http://androidforums.com/getitnowmarketing/221375-custom-recovery-vortex-thunderc-vzw.html

Downgrade from 2.2.1 to 2.2: http://technoheads.org/2011/01/lg-vortex-downgrade-from-2-2-1/

Source (search for VS660): http://www.lg.com/global/support/opensource/opensource.jsp

This phone is going back to the store in a couple of days unless there is some sort of AOSP ROM working on it. The software that ships with it is riddled with bugs. Calls only sometimes connect over bluetooth, Google Maps force closes a LOT, GPS takes forever to get a fix, RTMP and HTTP audio streams are broken in EVERY app, USB connection mode options display when the charger is plugged in and then the options won't go away until you restart the phone, when in use and plugged in to the charger it dies faster than it charges... what a piece of junk.

On top of all of that, the phone ships with a bunch of bloatware. Normally this would be fine until you realize that it's all running constantly, with no way to disable/uninstall it and it uses more than 50MB of RAM. That's just unacceptable on an entry-level phone that already has limited resources.

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Can anyone in this forum port cyanogen to the lg vortex? :( please

Thanks in advance to whoever can.

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HI every body

I have installed cyanogenmod 7 on my LG Optimus one P500 but I have lost the connection to the market and my gmail.

I have tried every possible apps for gmail or market and nothing work.

any help please


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abdalrhmanI did you get it working? And what device rom did you use?

abdalrhmanI did you get it working? And what device rom did you use?

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I have CyanogenMod 7 running on my LG Vortex. There are a couple minor issues (need to turn on international roaming to get any data [just a bug, no extra charges]; can't use CM screen animations), but otherwise it runs great. Overall, it's a taken a really shitty phone and turned it into something I actually enjoy using.

There's a lot of info and some active development going on here: http://androidforums.com/vortex-all-things-root/433954-rom-wip-cm7-port-vortex-vs660.html

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Threads Tagged with lg vortex =) I know this is as old as dirt but I'm digging up bones tonight..having a lot of fun with this old dinosaur =) Thank you to ALL the XDA members, posters, Devs and special thank you out to the CyanogenMod team.. Ya'all rock!!

http://forum.xda-dev...p?tag=lg vortex

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