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  1. [CM7] Discussion of Nightlies

    I'm still stuck here. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. [CM7] Discussion of Nightlies

    CWM problem: I'm running B&N 1.2, CWM and ROM Mgr P off 7.03 stable. When I attempt to reboot into recovery, or install ROM from SD card, before I can get into recovery to install the update, I get the B&N Install Failed icon, wanting me to power down and try again. 7.03 is working fine. Suggestions?
  3. [CM7] Discussion of Nightlies

    OK, I must have screwed this up some other way. Had the SD cards around so I just did a factory reset and rooted it to bring it back to the stable 7.0.3. So, I do the full wipe to implement 75? I'll give it a shot... thanks, everybody! I've rooted off of BN 1.2. I've got CWM installed. I've put #76 on the sd card. But when I reboot into recovery via Rom Manager p., I get the BN icon telling me the "install failed" and to power off and on again... I've tried it hooked up to the puter and with the cable out, if that makes any difference... and no joy... so at this point, I can't even get into recovery to apply #76. So, should I reboot into recovery by using the sd card, and then apply #76 after a wipe?
  4. [CM7] Discussion of Nightlies

    I installed CWM 75 off the dailies, but couldn't get the market to work (it froze up) so I restored a prior version... which came up exactly the same (when I installed 75, it showed the version as 05052011 which I thought was kind of weird... and 75 was the only zip I had on the sd card, so I couldn't have screwed it up all that badly.) So, after re-installing 75 and getting the same result, I restored to a version I had from May 5... except is again froze market, so I restored to Phire mod. When I checked my nook, the screen was black and nothing I do can get it to come back up. I've tried with the sd card in... and out. I've tried with the nook plugged into my puter with the nook cable (The computer makes the "read" tone, and a moment latter, the "unplug" tone) out of the computer. I've tried holding the power button for a minute, the power button and the U... and nothing. No backlight flash or anything. I've got a green U on the cable indicating a fully charged battery. Ideas?
  5. [CM7] Discussion of Nightlies

    Coolio. Next update, if that's still an issue, I'll try this.
  6. [CM7] Discussion of Nightlies

    I was running the last XDA release, and it wierded my nook out... the problem was the keyboard. Type something and the keyboard drops for each letter... pops down, pops back up. Keystrokes in market causes market to scroll through like a player piano roll. Just went back to encore #34.
  7. [CM7] Discussion of Nightlies

    Market stopped working with the duck update. Ideas?
  8. [CM7] Discussion of Nightlies

    Well, #23 fixed me right up. DAYAM, these guys are good! And the SlideIt soft keyboard is the shiznit. Swizzle me drizzle. Heh.
  9. [CM7] Discussion of Nightlies

    YouTube isn't working for me on #22, either app or from the browser... it says "there was a problem while playing, touch to retry." I've uninstalled it, reinstalled it, fixed permissions, rebooted... made no difference. I've run a search here and maybe I'm asking the wrong question but others seem to have it running so what am I screwing up? Everything else works fine... thanks!
  10. [CM7] Discussion of Nightlies

    Tried it there and I got the same thing. Went to here: http://goo-inside.me/cm/encore/nightly/ and it downloaded correctly... right size and checksum. Weird.
  11. [CM7] Discussion of Nightlies

    Problem with v15: says it can't open it (bad) installation aborted. I used two different chips: one with the bootable version of CWR (That I've used every time successfully up to now) and a regular storage SD. Neither worked. Any ideas? Ok... downloaded it several times and when downloaded, it indicates a size of 27 meg on my computer. On TD Mirror, it shows as 78.29 meg. Am I screwing this up somehow?
  12. [CM7] Discussion of Nightlies

    Coolio. Fortunately, I didn't do anything.. still on 5... waiting for the dust to settle on 6, as I will on 7. But thanks for the clarification. Will this be needed for everyone... or just those running 6?
  13. [CM7] Discussion of Nightlies

    So, when we update, like 5 to 6, do we need to do a complete wipe? (System, data, cache?)
  14. [CM7] Discussion of Nightlies

    ISSUE SOLVED: Well, I burned the CWR image (8gb_clockwork-0.1-ext4.tar.gz) onto an 8 gig chip; copied the nightly and the gapp of the CM wiki (CM7) Are those the right ones? The CWR says when it's in recovery; rom manager says The gapps set I ran first was gapps-gb-20110120-signed.zip of the CM7 on the CM wiki. So, I reinstalled everything, ran the correct gapps... and now even the youtube app is gone so I don't have any way to activate the market even if it was there... which it isn't. Update: I screwed up and flashed a NON EXT4 CWR image... clockwork-0.7.tar. Flash the actual ext4... and all is well!