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  1. Building from Source for Nexus S

  2. nightlieeeeeeeeees

  3. Sunglasses Mode

    well i couldn't find the right place to put this and it was the only suggestions area... maybe an admin could place it in the proper spot
  4. Sunglasses Mode

    well in my experience extra widgets/programs/plug-ins usually cause performance/usability/stability issues. a feature approved and incorporated in CM should be much better!
  5. Sunglasses Mode

    Well i noticed a lot of times this "issue" and i know it won't be so hard for a developer to add this feature in CM. When i wear my sunglasses and the auto-brightness is on, the screen is darker than usual (duh you have the glasses on) Anw, i would suggest having an option to enable sunglasses mode that could just let's say give a 10% more brightness to each auto-brightness level so the screen will be easily readable/usable!