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  1. I'm trying to find a page somewhere in the site that lists all the features that are in the 10 or 10.1 camera. Actually finding a detailed list of everything that cyanogen does that's unique to it is tough as well. Overall what I'm looking for is if the 10.1 camera is able to take photos while shooting video and I can't seem to find info on that anywhere.
  2. My compass is consistantly off by about 10-20 degrees. When I start up GPS status, it seems correct but then over the next 2-3 seconds it drifts left. I have tried calibrating the compass using figure 8 and rotating the phone to no avail. Not sure what else to do other than waranty, but it sems a bit trivial. Is there any way to pad the compass sensor results to adjust for the skew? Update: I just restored a backup I had of stock and the compass is fine there, so something is up in my CM10
  3. Complete Ringtone/Alarm/Notify Pack

    Perhaps a symlink to somewhere on the /data partition might be an easier way?