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      Unsupported devices posts outside the Device requests forum will be deleted without comment. Posts asking about/for future versions of CM will be locked and/or deleted.   We don't have a crystal ball; we don't know if someone will make CM $version for your deivce or if CM $version+1 will be made for your supported device.


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  1. Apologies, a change not to the device tree snuck in that affected shamu and a few other devices. The bad build has been pulled and a new one will be initiated with the following patch http://review.cyanogenmod.org/#/c/156815/
  2. Resolved. Next nightly will have the fix, and an updated snapshot will arrive tomorrow as well.
  3. M7 Snapshot Mia

    The maguro maintainer we had previously was AWOL and didn't clear this device. Given the fixes, features and your continued usage of this device, I have stepped in as maintainer for this. M7 was cleared for release for this device yesterday, and should hit the download portal tonight.
  4. Cm 11: 4.4.3 Update Notification

    Yes. Do a quick search for CM + FDroid. The Open Source element and heavy anti-Google sentiment is very much alive and well - replacement markets exist to serve those very people. The installer backups the gapps from your system and automates a process; but the crux of my statement is the same, CM source does not include the Google applications A new installer release will be out this week.
  5. Cm 11: 4.4.3 Update Notification

    Hello to you too. 1) Google changed the update methods they use 2) We _do_ block the OTA updates from Google - https://github.com/C...8c73fc324862d50 (See the green? that's the new part. Notice the three lines above it? That was what we were blocking before #1). 3) The fix is in both the nightlies and M7 4) YOU introduced gapps into your installation - CM doesn't ship gapps
  6. Download: https://developers.google.com/android/nexus/images#occamkot49h Use fastboot to flash the img's it contains. (Instructions at the top of that page)
  7. This build has been pulled - sorry to those of you that go bit by this. The cause: A change to the touchscreen firmware is causing boot loops/no-boots on a select number of d2 variants. Other manifestations: Those seeing issues, upon going to recovery, cannot use their recovery as installed
  8. Cm 11 M2/rc1/stable Target Date?

    M2 is already out...we are targetting M3 for Feb 6th
  9. Our wiki has a great resource for information on how themes work, what they do, and how you can create one yourself! Check it out! http://wiki.cyanogenmod.org/w/Themes
  10. Currently, our support and testing has been restricted to native Windows environments only.
  11. Cracked Apps

    Request is against forum rules. Thread locked.
  12. Suggestion/idea Box?

    https://jira.cyanogenmod.org/secure/Dashboard.jspa > create issue > Project: CyanogenMod > Issue type: Improvement/Feature request
  13. Current Device / Subforum Status

    Added a bunch of outstanding changes