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  1. My GPS indicator is always on...

    20160916 Envoyé de mon ONE A2003 en utilisant Tapatalk
  2. Since a few day, i've notice two strange things. 1. On maps or waze, my localisation is very bad. 2. My GPS indicator is always on, whatever app is running. Am I the only one ? Envoyé de mon ONE A2003 en utilisant Tapatalk
  3. Having issues with google navigation.

    +1 Envoyé de mon ONE A2003 en utilisant Tapatalk
  4. [Request] Cyanogenmod On Oneplus Two

    It's done ! Go go go !! For me, it works like a charm. Envoyé de mon ONE A2003 en utilisant Tapatalk
  5. Usb Charge Only Mod

    Yes same problem on 06/04/2015 nightly Is it supposed to charge faster when enabled ?
  6. How To Disable Charging Led?

    Thanks yaxTybmuek3 ! But I understand vignesh267. I would love to keep "battery low pulses" and disable "fully charged" and "charging". But, actually, it's not possible.
  7. I can see the same problem. In fact, I see two problems : The first is a big increase of the volume when I push only once on the volume up button. It come back normal if a push the volume down button. The second happen when I'm listening on music in my car (through bluetooth), and I receive a notification. The sound fade in/fade out and the volume come back very loud and distorded.
  8. Do you think that Linaro code has been merged on 20120517-NIGHTLY ? I find that my GN is more responsive.
  9. Yes exactly the same. And caméra doesn't work anymore... EDIT : Clear data & cache, and it works again. Sorry ! Envoyé depuis mon Galaxy Nexus avec Tapatalk
  10. Hello everyone ! I'm on the 20120428 nightly and all is perfect but... I don't see any twitter's notifications until I open the app one time. Twitter sync is enabled and periodicity is set to 1h, but when I reboot and I wait more than 1h, I don't receive any notifications from twitter. Général sync is enabled and Gmail, Tapatalk, etc... are OK. If I open the app one time, notifications apear each hours as it should. I have a Galaxy Tab P7510 on CM9 too and I haven't this problem. Anyone else ? Any suggestions ? Thanks !