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  1. I've been having this issue too, and it's driving me batty. If my phone is pointed the wrong way, or in my pocket, the bluetooth breaks up constantly. It's as if the signal is very weak and not broadcasting properly. I've tried the various workarounds, including raising the processor speed and disabling all DSP settings, but nothing seems to work. Let me know if you discover the solution!
  2. I've tried uninstalling market updates, clearing market cache, and freezing the market updater. No help. I installed Stable Rom and still had the same issues. It worked for a day or two, then all "my apps" were gone again. Any thoughts?
  3. Do you mean flash gapps from Recovery again?
  4. I feel a little like a Noob on this one, but I'm on my 5th Android device and have always rooted and run CyanogenMod. I swear :-) Anyway, the market still doesn't seem to show any of my downloads on the Nook Color. I can download things properly, but going to "My Apps" just tells me I have "No downloads from the Android Market". It's a real bummer when updating things, as I have to search for them all one at a time to update, since I can't use the "Update All" feature. I've tried the following, which used to be workarounds, but they don't seem to work for me anymore: Installed Appbrain market and sync it up Uninstall update to Market app, and then check Clear Google Services Framework data Clear Cache Clear Dalvik Cache Re-attach market links via Titanium None of those seem to work for me at all anymore. I'm running Nightly #94. Is the market still broken for everyone on CM7, or is it just me? Am I missing some trick? I can only seem to find old posts regarding the issue, nothing recent. Any help appreciated!
  5. Nook Color

    Just wanted to say that I got a Nook Color for the holidays, and immediately rooted it. Its by far the best android tablet for the money, and while the hacked version isn't nearly as refined as Cyanogen, its fantastic for only being a few weeks old! Getting a true Cyanogen Rom for this would be awesome!