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  1. Rom manager problems :(

    thsnks alot ill look tomorrow
  2. Rom manager problems :(

    Wish there was a solution no problems with my nexus one
  3. Rom manager problems :(

    Thanks your your time ill have alook
  4. Rom manager problems :(

    Tried it a few times just fails all the time
  5. Rom manager problems :(

    Oh yea phone:I9000xxjpp pda: i9000xxjpo
  6. Rom manager problems :(

    Thanks for your reply it is stock 2.2 first time rooting it
  7. Hi I have just rooted my galaxy vibrant using the super one click method it rooted fine as I have got super user, I then downloaded rom manager from the market and flashed clockwork recovery to my phone but when I press reboot to recovery it is not going to clockwork recovery just to the stock one as in the image below? Could any one please help me as I don't know what I'm doing wrong rom manager says my recovery is clockworkmod?
  8. Hi im just wondering what linpac or quadrant scores people are getting in cm for samsung vibrant compared to stock vibrant? Im getting maximum of 10 after I updated to 2.2 through kies so im wondering if I would be better to install cm if they are higher scores? Thanks for your time