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  1. Bluetooth Low Energy Devices Not Connecting

    I was considering a Nexus 6, but found that its low-light photography was so abysmally bad compared to the G3 that I couldn't do it. More recently I've heard that that might have been a camera software thing. If you could do me (and the rest of us!) a little favor -- could you try an app like Open Camera and see if cranking up ISO, etc. produces good nighttime pictures, and post them here? Because honestly, at this point I am ready to jump ship and join you if it weren't for that one problem.
  2. Bluetooth Low Energy Devices Not Connecting

    How would we go about starting a bounty for this?
  3. Yeah, I've seen it display "H+" while running LTE speeds. Not sure what's going on there either. Is there somewhere we should report bugs?
  4. D851 Nightly?

    So, there's a zip in your link, but it's a broken zip that shouldn't be used?
  5. Bluetooth Issues On D851?

    BT has been fine for me with my Sony auto head unit. I have no LE devices to try with the latest nightlies, though I know that's been an issue for some reason. Wish we could post a bounty somewhere.
  6. Not so much a functional bug as a weird little visual one. Do they want us to report bugs on nightlies somewhere? I can't find a place for it if so.
  7. Nook Color

    There's also the fact that CM has a number of speed improvements and could easily include a highly overclockable kernel. I get the impression this CPU/GPU could be a speed demon given a few extra hundred MHz.
  8. G2?

    So awesome. I'm guessing if Cyanogen already has a handset and an SD-based ROM we are very close to an RC1 of CM6.1.