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  1. Gps Non Functional

    Man that sucks. Stock kernel and clean flash I'm sure? I was in the same situation and then the nocturnal one was the only one that found that worked. Maybe a gapps issue with it? What version did you use?
  2. Gps Non Functional

    No, I found one that's cm based. http://forum.xda-developers.com/galaxy-s5/unified-development/rom-team-nocturnalunofficalcm-11-0-t2882696 GPS works great
  3. Gps Non Functional

    I believe I have solved this problem. Find a ROM specifically for kltespr not klte. I've tried akop and Team UB and couldn't get GPS going. Found nocturnal ROM, found searching for kltespr cm based ROM, GPS works! Hope this helps you both!
  4. Gps Non Functional

    I too thought I was the only one! I've reflashed 3 different ROMs and tried everything. Must be just the Sprint version.
  5. Uscc Samsung Galaxy S5

    Been searching all over, it's still a work in progress man. You can flash it but you probably want to wait a bit longer. Still has camera issues and wake lock issue. Not sure about gps. I don't believe it will be in here as a nightly until it has those items fixed. Probably end of July but it'll be ready when it's ready I would guess.
  6. Request For Cyanogen Mod

    Fairly sure is been asked A lot, GS5 builds. I know they are in the works, just curious. They would show up here in the forum if there were any out right?
  7. Cm Installer For Galaxy S5?

    Just curious how the SG5 builds were going. Haven't heard anything in a while thought I might ask. Thank you for all yall's efforts as always.
  8. CM9 on Epic 4G

    I too have the clock issue. Which is unfortunate since that's my work alarm. Downloaded one from the market which works fine. Have a stupid question though... can't load IMDB widget anymore :'/ or am I missing something?