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  1. [CM7] Discussion of Nightlies

    From this,status:merged+project:CyanogenMod/android_device_samsung_epicmtd,n,z it looks like it was merged already. My wifi seems to be doing find on the most recent nightly - better than it has before. Haven't tried wifi hotspot yet, though.
  2. [CM7] Discussion of Nightlies

    not on mine - flash seems to work as normal when set to Auto, and when forced on it flashes on taking a picture. As for "expose camera button settings", take a look at "CyanogenMod Settings", then "Input". at the bottom, it has "Camera button music control" as an option. Not sure if that was there before, but I'd guess that's what the change added.
  3. [CM7] Discussion of Nightlies

    Probably so - that's a bummer, I didn't notice it said do not merge. You can try RC0 with the wifi fix, though.
  4. [CM7] Discussion of Nightlies

    Right here: