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  1. Bizarre Battery Problem

    Got a new battery and everything seems fine now
  2. Bizarre Battery Problem

    I've reverted to CM7 and... the problem still exists. So it looks like my phone developed a hardware fault coincidentally with me upgrading to CM10. Hopefully the problem is just the battery itself and not anything about the phone. I'll get a new battery and see. Thanks for taking the time to reply to my posts.
  3. Bizarre Battery Problem

    There is nothing in LAST KMSG, just the line: charger: last_kmsg not found. Cold reset? I thoroughly wiped the phone and put cm-10.1-20130313-NIGHTLY-galaxysmtd on it. The problem is even worse :-( It definitely thinks the battery is dead and shuts down. It somehow remembers this and shuts down during reboot if the charger is not plugged in. When I plug the charger in (while phone is still off) it shows the empty battery graphic a couple of times before then showing it full after which the phone will boot. If I unplug the charger before turning the phone on, even though it showed as fully charged, the phone shuts down during boot. So, I'm guessing that something like this is happening... 1) The OS mistakenly thinks the current app has drained the battery, writes this state to a file somewhere and then shuts the phone down. 2) The software that handles the charger reads the state of the battery from the file, starts charging and quickly realizes the battery isn't dead. But it doesn't update the file. 3) When the phone is booting, the boot sequence includes a check on the state of the battery from the file and because it's reported as "dead" it then looks to see if the charger is supplying power: If so, it allows booting to continue otherwise it shuts the phone down. 4) Once booting is almost finished the file is updated with the correct state of the battery until step #1 is repeated. But, as I said, this is just a guess.
  4. Bizarre Battery Problem

    The phone always shuts down completely. Sometimes the power button won't even work at all unless the charger is plugged-in. If it does work it shows the "GALAXY S cyanogen(mod)" and then shuts down; never gets to the rotating CyanogenMod screen. I got Catlog and... the phone shut down after I'd been looking through the logs for about 10 mins (8:48?). Nothing in the log stands out but it looks like it's freshly created at boot so it doesn't contain the reason for the crash. But I think the app has a record feature - I'll investigate further.
  5. Bizarre Battery Problem

    Your description matches my problem exactly. It's interesting that you say the software seems to time out: My phone shuts down exactly 8 minutes & 48 seconds into a Skype call. Anyone know if there are system logs we can look at that might reveal what's going on?
  6. Bizarre Battery Problem

    Thanks for the quick reply. Stock ran OK (but no going back to that, I lost the backup) but CM7.x works fine. I did a complete and thorough wipe & reset before installing M1 but only installed M2 over the top of that so that's probably where the problem lies. I'll do what you suggest and maybe get another battery too.
  7. cm-10.1-20130304-EXPERIMENTAL-galaxysmtd-M2 1) If I don't use the phone, the battery lasts quite well (~24 hrs) 2) If I use the phone (e.g. Skype call), it shuts off in under 10 mins and will not restart unless connected to the charger (if it turns on at all it powers off during boot). 3) If I plug in the charger while the phone is still off, the graphic shows the charge level I expect to see (e.g. almost fully charged) and if I start the phone it boots OK and verifies the charge level. 4) This is what's weird: If I turn the phone on without the charger connected and then plug it in during boot, the battery shows 2% & charging. So, seems that somehow the system is incorrectly shutting down the phone because it thinks the battery is about to die. Anyone got any ideas?
  8. Notification Light

    Upgraded to M2 and the problem seems to have gone away still exists although the "test" seems to work more consistently.
  9. cm-10.1-20130121-EXPERIMENTAL-galaxysmtd-M1 What I want is simple: I want the left & right LED buttons to illuminate when I get a Google Voice text message. The problem seems to be that it's not working consistently and I mainly want to know if my approach is correct. This is what I did: Settings > System > Notification light Notification light: checked Default: No "None" option (?) so I set it black -> black Use custom values: checked Added Google Voice & set white to always on Test: Turn off screen using power button Result: Little click noise & lights come on = good Receive Google Voice text message: No lights = bad Repeat the test: It's not working Disabling and then re-enabling things sometimes restores the behavior but not reliably. Any ideas?
  10. I need help

    OK, I'm assuming the method for flashing KANG is correct, I'll give it a go. The Bluetooth issue is a bit off-topic so I'll pursue this in another thread. I can get a connection but file transfer always fails - "The request can not be handled correctly" - even, though it worked fine with the original Samsung ROM. Getting back to the original topic... I just caught the phone misbehaving: It was sitting on my desk after a fresh boot, I hadn't unlocked the screen and it had gone blank when suddenly the Cyanogen boot animation appeared (the sparkly rotating arrow one). It lasted for about 3 seconds and then everything went back to normal. What could cause that?
  11. I need help

    Interesting. I was a bit concerned that the last "nightly" was posted more than 10 weeks ago. Can you confirm that Bluetooth is working in update-cm-7.2.0-RC0-GalaxyS-KANG-signed.zip and (to be completely sure) do I simply flash it over the top of 181 like this??... Download update-cm-7.2.0-RC0-GalaxyS-KANG-signed.zip Reboot into ClockworkMod Recovery - install zip from sdcard - choose zip from sdcard (select download/update-cm-7.2.0-RC0-GalaxyS-KANG-signed.zip) Once the installation has finished - +++++Go Back+++++ - Reboot system now
  12. I need help

    Well, it seems more stable than the stable build (no more random SD card problems) but Bluetooth still doesn't work
  13. Same thing happened to me last night. I just upgraded to nightly build #181. So far so good.
  14. I need help

    This happened to me last night. I've been using the stable mod for a while and (while it's not perfect) it was quite stable. I woke this morning to the rotating arrow - it had somehow restarted during the night and would no longer get past this stage. I haven't installed any new apps recently although auto update is enabled so maybe a recent update screwed it. I'd been think about trying the latest nightly and the device seems to have read my mind - forced me into it.
  15. Confused & frustrated

    OK, I do understand that I don't need root to flash CM using CWM but I was curious to know if I could do this. The full update guide says "Attaining root access is outside the scope of this wiki page" but it's so simple once hardcore's speedmod has been installed: Boot to CMW recovery - advanced SpeedMod features - ROOT / Install Superuser - Simple: install busybox+su Superuser is now in the app drawer and "su" works in terminal.