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  1. Played around today and finally 'manned up' to modify the services.jar (meteorrock's tutorial was helpful). Afterward, I swear the Nook ran worse. On a lark I reinstalled the entropy seeder and saw an IMMEDIATE speedup. This was on top of the 2/3 nightly. I may reformat and do a reinstall of 2/3 + V6 + services.jar mod + seeder to see if things get a wee bit smoother. Still looking forward to a nightly of CM10.1. I don't think I want to play with the Alpha release. Steve
  2. Meteorrock - thanks for the guide. It was much easier to follow than the one provided by the developer \ One thing I did note, is that I didn't have to perform step 15 - using 'online' mode, the patcher pushed the modified services.jar back to my Nook. BTW, I'm running on an SD card, so that does work. I was suspicious that it hadn't really worked (pushing the jar), but when I rebooted the Nook (clearing dalvik and regular cache) and reran the V6 Supercharger script, it declared the system was not 100% supercharged instead of 50%. Many thanks! Steve
  3. Meteorrock - would you suggest bumping to the 10.1 Alpha instead of continuing with 10.0 nightlies, or do you think the 10.1 would be buggier? Thanks for your thoughts ;-D Steve
  4. I've had the Entropy Seeded APK on my Nook for a few weeks and I'd have to say that *maybe* it improves lag. For what it's worth, I'm running the 1/20 nightly, V6 Supercharger - but without the modified JAR (am I really missing out here?). For me, the biggest frustration is the (usually) long time it take an app to launch from the point it's icon is pressed - I'd consider that lag, although I'm not sure that is what most people mean when complaining about lag. Steve Oh - if I'm really missing out by not having the modified JAR for V6, please let me know ;-)
  5. Nightlies for Encore/CM10 are still being produced, I see. Anyone have a clue when the first Monthly will be produced? Steve
  6. Hadn't tried it before tonight. I installed and *maybe* it's a wee bit better, but I'd still like CM10 to run better. Guess my biggest complaint is what I'd call "difficulty" in launching apps. Unclear to me if it's a problem registering my touch (or PUSH! most of the time) or if it's registered and just takes something short of forever to launch. For reference, I'm running the 1/20/13 version of CM10 and V6 Supercharger. Steve
  7. [Cm10] Discussion Of Nightlies

    @Notsonoble - I flashed the 12/8 nightly. Performance seems pretty good using V6 Supercharger - not great, but pretty good. Only thing it seems is that the battery seems to drain fast when the device is not in use - so perhaps "deep sleep" isn't working quite right. I guess the most demanding thing I tried was playing Youtube video, which worked pretty well. Hope they have a RC soon Steve
  8. Performance - Emcc Or Sd Card?

    Sounds good. My 'main' SD card is a Sandisk Class 4. I have CM10 on a Lexar Class 4 that "seems" to work about as well, If no performance gain on using EMCC, then I'll stick with the SD card - I've gotten pretty proficient with loading CM on it. Oh and just a picky detail - SIM cards are 'Subscriber Identity Module' cards used in phones. The Nook memory cards are micro SD cards which hold flash memory (smart phones also generally use SD/uSD cards for expanded storage). Thanks!
  9. Now that my Nook is no longer in warranty, I'm considering doing an install to the EMCC instead of the SD card. However, I'd only do that if the performance of using the EMCC is better (faster) than using an SD card. Is there a definitive answer as to which is fastest? Thanks, Steve
  10. Having Trouble With Booting Cm

    I originally had a royal fit with CM 7.x when I first started. Eventually I figured out the uSD to USB adapter I had was a piece of sh*t. I sprang for a name-brand adapter (happens to be a Sony) and my troubles went away. Remember to safely dismount the card after loading the image via Win32diskimage and before coping CM10 and GAPPs to the card. Win7 regularly complains that it needs to scan and fix the card upon remount and I let it. It never actually finds anything that needs to be fixed. Good luck and post back any findings. Steve
  11. [Cm10] Discussion Of Nightlies

    V6 Supercharger does help with CM10 - although I haven't waded through the .jar modification. It seems to improve responsiveness even within applications... like trying to push buttons. I'm really looking forward to a release candidate. I'm also looking forward to JB on my Droid Razr Maxx (official Jellybean).
  12. [Cm10] Discussion Of Nightlies

    @meteorrock - you rock I'll give this a whirl tonight, many thanks! Steve
  13. [Cm10] Discussion Of Nightlies

    @meteorrock - I'm playing with the nightlies, but finding performance is somewhat pokey - even after an app like Gmail is launched, it seems to want to take 'forever' to sync email. You referenced the V6 Supercharger scripts in your previous posting. I went to the referenced posting, but it's written in such a fragmented manner that it wants to make my head "assplode" (as the author puts it). Is getting V6 Supercharger simple enough that you could post a simple "1, 2, 3, 4" step how-to? I'll even say "pretty please" Thanks for anything you can provide. Oh, one other question - have you found any particular nightly that you like/found to work better than any others? Again, thanks! Steve
  14. Found this out the hard way on a new install. My Nook running CM7.2 would kill/lock the wireless portion of the router - a Westell Ultraline Series 3. I figured the router was bad - not so. The original installer enabled Wireless QoS WMM (or it was enabled by default). The second guy knew that having this enabled causes lockups "with some tablets". Sure enough, unchecking the box and it works like a champ. So, problems - disable wireless QoS WMM. Steve
  15. Using Stylus On Nook Color?

    Well, I'm about 99% certain the Nook uses a capacitive touch screen. The rubber tip on the stylus is conductive... so the whole stylus emulates your finger by virtue of being electrically coupled to your hand. Personally I think the issue may be the sampling rate for the screen is lower than for other hardware intended for use as a tablet. At least that's my guess ;-D I'm not sure an electromagnetic stylus would work... but I guess I can try the stylus from my Wacom Bamboo tablet. Steve