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  1. Bad Move Guys...

    So now I can access my Tablet, but I cannot find a shortcut to re-enter the information after I unblocked the app. I saw the app in AFWall+, but I cannot find a shortcut for it. I cannot see it at all in my Galaxy i9100.
  2. Bad Move Guys...

    Thank you I was searching for it in start page, but it shows only on later pages (after clicking next). They should make it available at start page too. I feel like a n00b, but this is not new Thnx again
  3. Bad Move Guys...

    Hi, So I am enjoying my "Galaxy Tab 2 10.1" with my CM 10.1.2 from my friendly, thoughtful, generous, mighty, glorious, puissant, supreme, and all powerful CyanogenMod developers, AND I decide to update to 10.1.3. All went well until reboot. It asked me for CM account detail. To make long story short, I cannot get rid of the CM welcome screen and whatever app is doing this is blocked from Internet by the AFWall+ firewall. Even after creating a CM account (using a PC) from the homepage, there is no way to login. I can see my Kaiten email notifications in top left and the "Pimlical Advanced calendar" advance events but I cannot access anything including the AFWall+ firewall app... Why on earth would you guys do what even Google did not. This app made my Tablet worse than an iPad... i.e. forcing me to login to an account. There should be a way to disable this. I rebooted the device and nothing changed. Other than wiping the device and manually going back to a previous CM version, do you guys have any suggestions? Thnx
  4. Hi, Thank you for all your efforts. Can the dev team please select the most suitable nightly to add as Monthly Snapshot build for Samsung Galaxy S II (Intl) - i9100? In the absence of a possibility of a RC or stable release, this will make it easier for those who need a somehow less bugged install with the least amount of regression bugs suitable for daily usage. Thx again Zaphod Beeblebrox President of the Galaxy
  5. Question On Installing Cm On New Device

    @ jmparagon If you want something compatible with CM, best is to ask someone who has it and installed CM on it or just check the some of the released CM ROMs: http://www.cyanogenm...10-1-m2-release I previously asked the question on which phone, and the Nexus phone may be a safer bet.
  6. Question On Installing Cm On New Device

    Oooookey, I finally figured out what was wrong and confirmed my n00bushnessism... For some like myself, a horizontal volume key does not have an up and down! People who have not used the Tablet may mistaken left for Up and right for down It may make it easier for some if the horizontal up vs down key details (in a tablet) are clarified in the Wiki for newbies like myself. A screen-shot or an image of the screen of "Download Mode" and "Recovery Mode" will also help. Many people do not flash their devices that frequently. I myself do that once like every 2 yrs, and the experience is frequently unpleasant to the point that my subconscious buries it within like a wk. From what I have read, the "adb push" requires the download of the "Android SDK" which is a ~ 400 MB download. Many do not have this on their disk and will need to download it along with the other files mentioned in the beginning of the Wiki. I copied the files to the External SD card and installed them from there. After I was up and running, I installed LBE Privacy Guard (I have it on my phone on CM 7.2) and after granting it root access, LBE Privacy Guard caused a repeated loop where Tablet goes into screen lock every 5 sec. The tablet restarts after ~ 10 loops. On restart, the LBE Guard causes the same loop again. It seems incompatible with CM 10.1 or even Jelly Bean from some of the comments. At that time I noticed that M3 was out sooo I did the "wipe data/factory reset" and CM installation process again using the M3 file I installed Droid Wall instead of LBE Privacy Guard and it seems to work. I will use it until I find a better solution may be something like PDroid Privacy Protection. Now working like a charm, and I don't have to live with the pesky default weather and email apps As for the phone / headphones, I have not tried it. I cannot comment on the post by jmparagon. It seems too big for a phone jk Thank you again for making this alternative OS/ROM available. Zaphod Beeblebrox President of The Galaxy
  7. Question On Installing Cm On New Device

    While searching for a solution, I came over this: http://androidjinn.com/how-to-install-cm10-1-android-4-2-1-jelly-bean-on-p5100-galaxy-tab-2-10-1.html Pre Requisites.. ... Important! ... 5. Your device is rooted I presume that their method is different, but the CM Wiki mentions "Rooting the stock firmware is neither recommended nor necessary."! An XDA thread also has different info. Many applications I use require root. If I use the method recommended in the CM Wiki, then I will not have root. right? i.e. I will still have to root the system after using the CM Wiki method! Thnx
  8. Question On Installing Cm On New Device

    The link in the Wiki seems now to point to "Heimdall-1.4RC2-Win32-Cmdline.zip". instead of the previous version "heimdall_v1.4rc1_win.zip" But I still get the same error with the RC2: http://i50.tinypic.com/34zg26p.png Any suggestions? Thnx
  9. Question On Installing Cm On New Device

    "heimdall_v1.4rc1_win" crashed. http://i47.tinypic.com/1269o9f.png There were no "Heimdall Suite 1.4RC2" mentioned in the Wiki. The link is for RC1. Any suggestions? Thnx
  10. Hi there, I bought a Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 inch (P5100) and I want to install CM on it. My question can apply to any device so I am posting it here. The wiki is informative: http://wiki.cyanogenmod.org/w/Install_CM_for_p5100 They mention: "2. Power off the Galaxy Tab 2 10.1" It may not make much difference, bit since I am waiting for it to charge up, my n00b question is: Can the process be done without powering the default system first (i.e. on then off) or does the first boot change some of its firmware that is needed prior to flashing? i.e. should it be powered at least once to its default (stock) OS? Thanks
  11. Hi, I am currently using a Galaxy S2 int. I went back to CM 7.2 for some needed features (like black listing), and I noticed that the dev of CM 10 is lagging behind for that specific phone. I have heard that some manufacturers make life hard for developers resulting in some crippled features like the FM radio for example. I would rather purchase a phone from a company that supports openness or at least does not use closed firmware / hardware for their phones. Although I do not plan to purchase a phone in the coming month, but I would like to know which phone you guys recommend. Soooo which phone do the CM dev team recommend for openness? I would also suggest that the Android dev community start advocating such phones may be the other companies would behave better. Thnx
  12. The thing that bothered me is that: "On the downside, they denied it for tablets, saying an 'ebook reading device might be considered a tablet, as might a handheld video game device.' So you can jailbreak a phone, but if it's 1" larger and considered a "tablet" you are breaking the law." I know that some vendors like HTC are offering ways to root their phones, but does any one know of a vendor that offers ability to root a tablet? or a ebook reader?
  13. How does SEAndroid compare to CM and

    He misunderstood the question... Yes SVJ, he made the right connection, but probably did not bother to RTFA or thread in the links. Furthermore, he should choose his words in a more "diplomatic" way and in a way that would provide additional / valuable info. A similarly clipped answer or comment to his boss or manager may get him fired. We all have some rebellious attitude to some extent. Anyway with better security usability frequently suffers, but I am sure there are some things / ideas that CM developers can adapt from the NSA driven project.
  14. are there any things that CM can learn / adapt from the SEAndroid project? Slashdot.org has a thread on SEAndroid too.
  15. Android Market Freezing

    Hi, Android Market (3.4.4) is causing a crash (freezing) my CM 7.1 Nightly 116 on Galaxy S2 International requiring hardware reset (9 sec on start button). The Market freezes mostly on updating random applications or after long browsing (not that long, closer to 10 min). Any one else is having or had this issue and whats the best way to avoid it or resolve it? Thnx