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  1. After update to 10.2, Contact pictures are showing Blur look. Anyone having this issue...? How to solve this..? I have build 10.2 on 27-Aug..Please help
  2. Hi Dear I read it...It says unlocking bootloader, Installing CWM and Flashing Cyanogenmod.. I coundn't find an answer to my quiries... I am so sorry if I am asking more...
  3. Yes..This is the one..Thank you very much dear To install cyanogenmode... 1. Do i need to root the phone...? 2. What for installing ClockworkMod Recovery image..? 3. My phone is unlocked and I can go to recovery mode..It means ClockworkMod installed in my phone....? Please help replying the above quiries...I am very new in flashing rom... Thanks Again
  4. Hi I am Faisal. I am new to this forum. Can anyone help me to get the installation instruction for cyanogen mod on nexus S i9023...? Do i have to root my phone...? I am running 2.3.6...My phone is unlocked...... Thanks