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  1. About CM9

    I love my buttons! I refuse to upgrade my MyTouch 4G for just that reason!
  2. You can shut the shutter sound off in CM. Relax.
  3. Thank you all

    There isn't a day that goes by where I don't hear "Are you fiddling with your settings AGAIN?!" HAHAHA
  4. md5sum: not found

    I've got the same problem. No clue how to fix it. And when I try to flash the downgraded version the phone goes through the motions but it doesn't actually load it.
  5. Your warranty is now void

    It's a warning to you, not an agreement that it should be that way. Plus, it's probably a good marketing premise for CM because it's target audience loves to do things we feel someone doesn't want us to do. It's why ThinkGeek.com can't keep the "I void warranties" t shirts in stock.
  6. What to expect from CM7?

    Complete control of every setting you can possibly think of. That's what you get with CM.
  7. My MyTouch 4g died over the weekend. t Mobile is being pretty awesome about it and sending me a new on that should be here this week. Once I root the new one, what should I do? I have all my settings and data backed up with Titanium. I also have my ROM backed up with ClockWork from about 2 weeks ago. And my SD card is fully in tact with all my files and what not. If I flash the ROM I backed up 2 weeks ago, does everything go right back like it was? All the apps, all the settings, etc? Or do I basically just have a saved version of 7.1 just like it comes out of the box? Does that have problems with it when flashing to a new phone even when it's the same model? Or am I better off just downloading a fresh copy of 7.1, re downloading all my apps, and using Titanium to restore all the app settings? I'd prefer to be able to just put my SD card in the new phone and flash it back to where it was so I don't have to spend 3 days redoing all of my settings .(At the very least I know I can get my app settings back quickly with Titanium) But I don't want to do that if it gets wonky when you try to flash a saved ROM from 1 phone into a new phone. Thanks for the advice! PS: After you get used to CM for a couple months and suddenly have to pull out an older slower stock Android phone, it's torture. Originally I grabbed my old RAZR as my backup phone. That lasted about an hour before I realized that I couldn't remember how to send a text message anymore! HA!
  8. Whats the quickest way to completely drain your battery?

    Angry Birds does the trick. Why the urge to run the battery down?
  9. Color of signal strength indicator

    I hate this element. I would much prefer it to always be the themed color no matter if I'm connected or not. There's a whole icon for wifi or data connection. Seeing that icon is plenty good enough for me.
  10. boot animation idea's for cm ICS

    ...while eating an ice creme sandwich!
  11. Good Android Games

    I couldn't live without Reversi. It doesn't take full advantage of the Android capabilities by any means. It's not graphically or processor intensive. But it's just so addicting. My other overly addicting app is my NES Emulator. I've been playing Dragon Warrior III for the last 2 weeks.
  12. Cyanogen on TV!

    I agree. I no longer wish to consume the advertised beverage.
  13. So good? I mean if you like seeing only half the internet because it doesn't support Flash, then yeah....I guess it's awesome. Also, the advantage to Android is it's user customization abilities. You simply don't get that with iPads. It's a different strokes for different folks kind of situation, but for the crowd that would sit here and read a threat about porting Cyanogen to the TouchPad, I'm pretty sure you're among the "I'd rather have the customization ability" crowd. If you want to find people who love the iPad for it's features (not to mention cost) maybe check out the brain trauma ward at the hospital with all the people who's suffered massive head injuries. As for the lack of apps for the stock TouchPad, yeah. That's an obvious problem. And from what I hear the ones that do exist are nothing special. Androiding that device immediately turns a cheap tablet into a great (and supported) tablet. Why would developers spend time coding just for the Touchpad, of which there are a limited number in existence, when they can code for Android which grows every day?
  14. Conditional Rotate feature (request)

    My workaround has been perfect as it both works (which is important) and gives me full control over it. I use Auto Rotate Switch available in the market (linked 2 posts above) and then map it to one of my hard keys. Then I keep auto rotate functions turned off completely. But if I want to turn the phone to use the wider keyboard during a text, it's 1 hard button click to turn on auto rotate. Within 2 days I got proficient at hitting the button that it didn't add any time at all to the rotation process. And the best part is that I can rotate it when I want without it EVER rotating when I don't want it to.
  15. Thank you all

    I must have special pockets or something. I've never had anything turn on by itself. I keep my center home screen blank except for the dock at the bottom, so starting anything would be a 3 step process anyway. (My pocket would have to turn the screen on, hit the phone / app drawer / sms icons, and then click on something. So it's pretty unlikely. Of course now that I say this watch....I'll come back here tomorrow saying that I pocket dialed 3 people and sent a giberish text message to everyoen in my contacts list this afternoon. Then I'll suddenly be "Mr. Lockscreen" HAHAHAHA