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  2. trying to build cm from source

    Maybe I'm just not cut out for this kind of thing I started following the instructions from the "Building for Passion/Nexus One" section and didn't get much further (this transcript picks up at the end of the "repo sync"): Fetching projects: 100% (187/187), done. Syncing work tree: 100% (187/187), done. [email protected]:~/android-cm$ cd ~/android-cm/ [email protected]:~/android-cm$ source build/ including device/htc/heroc/ including device/htc/inc/ including device/htc/liberty/ including device/htc/supersonic/ including device/motorola/sholes/ including vendor/cyanogen/ [email protected]:~/android-cm$ make -j4 adb ============================================ PLATFORM_VERSION_CODENAME=REL PLATFORM_VERSION=2.2 TARGET_PRODUCT=generic TARGET_BUILD_VARIANT=eng TARGET_SIMULATOR= TARGET_BUILD_TYPE=release TARGET_BUILD_APPS= TARGET_ARCH=arm HOST_ARCH=x86 HOST_OS=linux HOST_BUILD_TYPE=release BUILD_ID=MASTER ============================================ Checking build tools versions... build/core/ *** frameworks/ex/common: Invalid LOCAL_SDK_VERSION '8' Choices are: current . Stop. [email protected]:~/android-cm$
  3. trying to build cm from source

    I see... I was just following them in order and didn't read ahead -- I try to resist the temptation to read ahead so I don't find out who the murderer was... I'll give this a try and report back. - m
  4. trying to build cm from source

    I just re-tried it from all the different directory levels: [email protected]:~/mydroid/androkern/cm-kernel$ cd ~/mydroid/ [email protected]:~/mydroid$ sed -n -e "s/^add_lunch_combo//gp" vendor/*/ sed: can't read vendor/*/ No such file or directory [email protected]:~/mydroid$ cd androkern/ [email protected]:~/mydroid/androkern$ sed -n -e "s/^add_lunch_combo//gp" vendor/*/ sed: can't read vendor/*/ No such file or directory [email protected]:~/mydroid/androkern$ cd cm-kernel/ [email protected]:~/mydroid/androkern/cm-kernel$ sed -n -e "s/^add_lunch_combo//gp" vendor/*/ sed: can't read vendor/*/ No such file or directory [email protected]:~/mydroid/androkern/cm-kernel$ Still no luck. The first time through, I followed the instructions exactly, only cd-ing when explicitly told, so I should have been in the right directory already, assuming the instructions were right. I don't see a cyanogen_passion* file anywhere. I'm not sure where I went wrong. [email protected]:~$ find ~ -name 'cyanogen_*' /home/mlevin/mydroid/androkern/cm-kernel/arch/arm/configs/cyanogen_mahimahi_defconfig /home/mlevin/mydroid/androkern/cm-kernel/arch/arm/configs/cyanogen_msm_defconfig
  5. Hi there, I'm trying to build the latest cm according to the instructions here: I was doing fine until I got to step 3 under "build cyanogen." The instructions say: Now you need choose which product you want to build, You can list all buildable product with sed -n -e "s/^add_lunch_combo//gp" vendor/*/ When I try that, I get this error: [email protected]:~/mydroid$ sed -n -e "s/^add_lunch_combo//gp" vendor/*/ sed: can't read vendor/*/ No such file or directory I tried looking for files named and found these: [email protected]:~/mydroid$ find . -name ./device/htc/passion/ ./device/htc/sapphire/ ./device/htc/dream/ But something tells me these aren't the right ones. And when I try "lunch cyanogen_passion_us-eng" I get an error: [email protected]:~/mydroid$ lunch cyanogen_passion_us-eng build/core/ *** No matches for product "cyanogen_passion_us". Stop. ** Don't have a product spec for: 'cyanogen_passion_us' ** Do you have the right repo manifest? Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks