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    CyanogenMod 7.0.3
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  1. so if nobody knows how to get it on the admire. does anyone have the icon set at least?
  2. hey i upgraded from my htc hero to the samsung admire. i rooted and have adw launcher i want to have this theme agina but dont know how to put it on this phone. can anyone help?
  3. Let's See Your Homescreen

    here's mine its on a htc hero cdma
  4. i love this theme but it makes my phone do wierd things, after awhile it gets so bad i have to reboot my phone. can i get a zip file of just the icons so i can just add them manually?
  5. The Wallpaper. . .

    it's now my wallpaper
  6. change lockscreen

    I couldn't find that option. could it be cause I have 7.0.3
  7. change lockscreen

    is there a way to not have the slide lock screen show up, and just the pin or pattern? I want to use just the pin or pattern.