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  1. [CM7] Discussion of Nightlies

    When you go to add a new APN the MCC and MNC shown are what the phone is currently reading from your SIM card. If you change that and save the APN it will disappear because the phone is not on that MCC and MNC to associate the APN you just added.
  2. j$#!#$!$# ... well, thanks for the quick answer!
  3. I had Beta 3 up and running for a while yesterday but ended up going back to XXJPU ROM posted over at XDA because of the Camera application. I understand there are still some bugs to work out (Ha! some!) but is it possible to get the stock Samsung I9000 camera to work under CM6.1?
  4. Genesis Theme for CM6 Nightly 10/17/2010

    Once I get MMS fully functional for GCI Wireless I'll post a separate update.zip file which can be used to flash just the banner (eri.xml) and MMS settings. As it sits now when MMS messages are sent the wrong header is being transmitted so the message is sent but on the receiving end it comes through with a different number. I have not noticed any difference in battery life between themed and unthemed myself. Have you checked your battery stats yet to see what is eating up the battery?
  5. Genesis Theme for CM6 Nightly 10/17/2010

    I used the 10/08 gapp build but not all of the gapps are in the theme. You need to install the 10/17 nightly ROM and the 10/08 gApps package first before applying this theme.
  6. Genesis Theme for CM6 Nightly 10/17/2010

    You need to unrar the file and place them on the microSD in a folder of your choosing. In LauncherPro you select the dock background through Menu -> Prefereneces -> Appearance Settings -> Dock Background -> Custom For the individual shortcuts on the DockBar you long press them and choose Change Icon. In this respect you can customize the look/feel of your dock as you see fit
  7. Genesis Theme for CM6 Nightly 10/17/2010

    I'm uploading a new Generic build now ... only thing I can think of is that something corrupted when zipping the files or uploading. EDIT: Uploaded, downloaded, applied download, FC issue seems to fixed!
  8. Genesis Theme for CM6 Nightly 10/17/2010

    Were you using the Generic or the GCI Wireless version? Also, did you clear the dalvik-cache before applying the theme? I've applied the GCI Wireless version to three different handsets multiple times now without any issues of FC's. Maybe the problem is only in the generic build?
  9. Genesis Theme for CM6 Nightly 10/17/2010

    Theme updated for the 10/17 nightly. I have two CDMA Desires at my disposal and neither had any problem flashing the generic or GCI builds of this theme from the old nightly or the new one. Although, I'm usually flashing from a clean install. If anyone runs into any problems please post so I can update!
  10. With Slayher's permission I have ported his Genesis theme to use on the CDMA HTC Desire. Thanks Slayher! Let me emphasis, I DID NOT CREATE THIS THEME! All credit for that goes to Slayher! DON'T FORGET TO NANDROID FIRST! You are flashing this theme at your own risk! GENERIC - For all carriers (Banner reads: CDMA Wireless) *Generic updated 10/20 to fix FC issues due to corrupted files in the zip GCI Wireless - Includes MMS settings (Banner reads: GCI Wireless) THIS IS AN UPDATE.ZIP TO INSTALL THE THEME ONLY THERE IS NO WIPE OF DALVIK-CACHE Recommended Install Order (in clockworkmod recovery before rebooting): 10/17 Nightly Build of CM6 *If you reboot after installing this ROM you need to clear the dalvik-cache before applying the theme 10/08 Build of Gapps *If you reboot after installing this ROM you need to clear the dalvik-cache before applying the theme THIS THEME DarkTremor Apps2SD (if you want apps2sd) If you are going to flash this theme over an already installed 10/17 nightly MAKE SURE YOU CLEAR THE DALVIK-CACHE! This theme also includes LauncherPro v0.8.1.0 installed to /system/app Settings => CyanogenMod Settings => User Interface Status Bar Clock Color: #ffffffff Date and Provider Date Color: #ffffffff Carrier PLMN Label Color: #ffffffff Carrier SPN Label Color: #ffffffff Notification Colors Notification Ticker Color: #ffffffff Items Title Color: #ff680000 Items Text Color: #ffebebeb Items Time Color: #ffa4a4a4 Indicator Color: #ff680000 HERE are the icons and dock I used with LauncherPro in the screenshot HERE is a link to a bundle of wallpapers I use on my higher resolution phones