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    Samsung Nexus S, LG P500
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    CM10 [Latest Nightly] | CM9 [My Unofficial Build]
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    I'm deeply in love with Android and its open source world, thats where I find most of my interests. Well, apart from that I like to workout, travel interesting places, listening to music and reading books.
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  1. Free Happy New Year Wallpapers 2013

    Nice collection
  2. Share Your Best Wallpapers For Christmas...

    Introducing my first ever UCCW skin with this Christmas Season; Christmas Arrives For more details and Info, click on the link below DJBhardwaj @Mycolorscreen
  3. How To Install Cm10?

    No. turn of suggestions in AOSP keyboard settings under "Language & Input".
  4. Kernel Choice

    You want to go stock GB? or ICS? or JB?
  5. How To Install Cm10?

    The best way to backup your contacts is syncing them with your Google account, so you will never loose them. For messages use this marvelous app.
  6. Kernel Choice

    Tried with keeping automatic sync off and switching to other available governor? Marmite & Air Kernel are two another amazing Custom Kernels available for NS.
  7. This is surely due to constant syncing. Switch off the automatic syncing when not in use.
  8. Cm 9.1 Stable

    First of all, I guess you have mistakenly posted in the wrong section. You query belongs at the Samsung Galaxy SIII I9300 Section. Anyways, leaving that aside. The installation process is quite easy but it has some requirements. Do you have a custom Recovery installed on your GT-I9300? EDIT: Since you have posted in the wrong section, its better to request a moderator to close your thread. You can still carry with my help via PMs.
  9. How To Install Cm10?

    I'm glad that it was helpful
  10. How To Install Cm10?

    The first thing you need, Is a Custom Recovery to flash CM on your Skyrocket. To do so, you initially require some files and software. Also make sure that you have Samsung drivers installed on your PC. Download Odin here. Download ClockworkMod (recovery.tar.md5) here. Put your device into Download Mode. Power off your device, press the volume up and volume down button altogether until, holding both of them connect the USB the cable to the device until you see the Download Mode screen. Run the Odin software. You will now see a yellow colored COM port indicating that your device is connected. Make sure to untick REPARTITION if it is already ticked. Now click on the PDA tab and select the downloaded recovery.tar.md5 Press the START button. Wait until ODIN says PASS. Until then do not unplug the device no matter what happens. When its done, disconnect the device. You are now ready to flash CyanogenMod aftermarket firmware on your Samsung Skyrocket Download the latest CM Nightly or Stable version available here. Download Gapps package here. Connect your device to the PC via USB cable and put it in USB Storage mode. Put the downloaded packages in Step #1 & #2 into the root of your device storage. Power off your device. Press the volume up, volume down and power keys altogether, as soon as you see the screen flash, release the power button and keep holding to the volume keys. Your device will boot itself into ClockworkMod recovery. You can now remove your hands off the keys. Now, while in recovery mode: "Wipe data/factory reset" "mounts and storage" > "format /system" "Install zip from sdcard" > "choose zip from sdcard" > Select the ROM zip and when prompted select "Yes" to flash. Follow the step above again to flash the Gapps package zip. When you have flashed both the ROM and Gapps package successfully. Select "reboot system now". Your device will boot into CyanogenMod Good luck
  11. Kernel Choice

    It would always be better to stick to the stock kernel as provided by CM. But, its always your call. I might suggest you to use Matr1x Kernel.
  12. I'm sorry to be late, was a little far from home.1) Yes, you can easily go back to 4.1.2 (Jelly Bean) stock (original) anytime you want. Just follow this guide step-to-step. 2) Yes, you can Install as many custom ROMs one after the other but keeping in mind to follow the "How to Install Custom ROM" section again while flashing another ROM. 3) Yes, it is as simple. There might be ROMs out there which already include Gapps. In that case you just need to flash the ROM zip only. Have a safe flashing. If you get stuck anywhere or you have queries, post them here itself
  13. What Precisely Is The “Baseband”?

    Here at Wikipedia is your answer. It is often called as Radio too.
  14. CyanogenMod Wallpapers by DJ [UPD 29/1/12][2 New Walls]

    Looks nice, why don't you start a new topic and share it to the public?
  15. These are simple and elegant. I suggest you keep sharing with such ones. And I wonder why there are about 80 views and no comment or appreciation. Anyways, I love your work