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  1. Classic widgets on Cyanogen for Desire?

    Colorize Widgets is amazing, and the free version has most if the Widgets, and previews of the ones you have to buy. Almost mimics sense in looks, and slightly wins in functionality I think. Give it a look!
  2. I'm wondering if there's a way to cache the homescreen preview. I'm using sense style preview, and every time I hit the home button it takes several seconds to compile the preview. It gets kinda old as I use this feature often, and it has to compile a significant portion of the time. Any way to mod it? Thanks!
  3. I haven't seen this posted in here, and just wanted to share. I just installed this Theme on my Aria (MDPI) and it was flawless despite saying HDPI only. Be cautioned, if you eff up your phone it's not my fault, nor the fault of the dev (I AM NOT THE DEV, BUT major PROPS TO THEM!!!) http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1111651&highlight=synergy All props to the Developer. I am just reposting it. It's in the market as well and pretty sweet.
  4. might be worth checking out. although, it may reduce signal strength and increase lost calls and such. (just to define, the ruling was basically "check it out, but there's no evidence and we really don't know" lol)
  5. [Theme] Extremely Blue for Cyanogenmod

    looks AMAZING! When I grow tired of my pseudo honeycomb (not honeybread sadly, but almost as good, and works flawlessly for MDPI) I'll have to give this a shot. it really looks amazing! I just hope the status bar is indeed themed like that!
  6. Amazon Appstore

    I'm pretty much liking that the market has competition now. Other than that... idk. I first got it so I could get angry birds Rio for free, but since deleted both as I deleted the market, and Rio wouldn't let me play without being signed into the market app. I didn't like that, at all.
  7. Freaking love CM! ^_^

  8. [ARIA] modify HONEYBREAD theme to fit ARIA please?

    Makes sense. I guess I'll just patiently wait for it to be completed. major props to the creator, even though its not made for my device, it still works well, just not perfect.
  9. i have the honeybread theme on cm7 and freakin love it! only problem? some of the dimensions are screwey and on initially installing it, it prompted me that it didnt have correct sizing for my device, or something along those lines. anyone care to help? Thanks! Ps, trying to attach the file, but it won't let me, I'm on my cm7 Aria right now, Lol. Its the v4 honeybread apk.
  10. Honeycomb (Taste) ADW

    ehhh...it's ok. just a taste though, lol, only slightly more than the wallpaper. Basically looks like wallpaper and an icon pack. not bad but nothing terribly amazing. thanks for sharing.
  11. Honeycomb (Taste) ADW

    sweet...I'll be checking it out.
  12. dude, sick scooter. yours? I happen to have a soft spot in my heart for modded scooter. ;)