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  1. No all the settings, passwords n such are only deleted of you wipe the data. If u just click "clear all" in app cache cleaner you will automatically wipe all caches. If u click the specific app you will go into the actual manage app settings in the ROM and have the option of wiping just the cache or all the data. (Settings and passwords). My understanding is the colors are just what you say. The reds are considered to be rather high. Wiping them..pretty much does about nothing. Besides being the difference of one second to load up versus three seconds lol. The 2gb thing it says states your data partition is actually only 2gb (you MUST have chosen this instead of 3gb when you set up the ROM). If your having lag issues I suggest wiping all these caches then booting into safe strap and wipe cache and dalvik ONLY. Any other lag issues may be caused by a rouge app running constantly. OK so the 377MB is the available (not much) the 2.0GB the total data portion (you MUST have chose 2gb instead of 3gb setting up the ROM slot). And the 432mb is the total cache size. (Clicking clear all would free up this amount of space). You may be lagging due to data space. 377mb available is not much.
  2. The 3 GB does not apply to your other storage issues such as your photos and videos. It is just the apps and app caches. The 3gb is actually the same as the stock verizon partition. Your photos or other media are separate from this 3gb partition. An app called app cache cleaner can help you see your cache sizes and maybe you have an app using an enormous amount of cache space. In fact this 3gb is already partitioned in your internal SD. Even if it had very little in it (such as mine with 2.4 free space). That data is unavailable in the internal storage. Your internal storage has a max of 8 GB. (Formatted is less). Then take the 3gb data partition and your left with 4 GB. Any other additional storage needed must be done with your external SD card, such as your pics and videos.
  3. Someone can correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure at this point in time the answer to both your questions is No.
  4. Gps Not Working

    Wiping cache and dalvik fixes it for me.
  5. Horplugx/sio

    Really? From my pre-CM days hotplugX didn't play well with jellybean. But maybe that's changed. I always had best luck with Pegasus/deadline
  6. Seen these problems as well throughout but not on 10.1.3 yet luckily. All I can offer is should this happened to you boot into recovery and wipe cache and dalvik only. It goes away and sometimes for months before reappearing.
  7. I've had that audio issue even with 10.1.2. Wiping cache and dalvik seemed to make it go away (for whatever reason). I haven't had the problem in a month at least
  8. OK good to know thanks. I can't say I have many problems with the regular one anyways. With the maxx battery I'm pretty satisfied.
  9. Thanks for showing me this custom kernel!
  10. I'd give it 10 mins to be sure. If you wipe the dalvik you would see some progress as it will eventually switch to the "android is upgrading" screen
  11. I hope you gave the loading screen enough time. New installs take a long time to boot. If your actually boot looping it would appear to start over again and again. If the circle is continuing to spin you should be still loading and it needs more time. I've given more detailed instructions to manually install on the link below. Read the whole thread. You may have to delete and recreate your ROM slot 1 now http://forum.cyanogenmod.com/topic/77836-1013-download-broken-help/#entry409110
  12. I can tell you're new at this but it's okay. Don't be fooled people don't just magically know this stuff they had to research or ASK someone else. OK first of all I need to clarify some things. And I have not properly explained this for a newbie. Are you going to attempt a dirty flash? That means you want to just "update" and attempt to keep you data and settings (such as your installed apps and all your phone settings/texts/contacts). In this case you WILL NOT delete and recreate the ROM slot. The delete button is blacked out because ROM slot 1 is currently active. You have to activate the stock slot in order to be able to delete ROM slot 1. And once you delete ROM slot 1. You will have deleted any trace of your CM installation. Essentially if you rebooted at this point you will boot back into stock Verizon build. So again if u want to try a dirty flash DO NOT delete ROM slot 1. And your only going to wipe cache and dalvik and install only the cm build. Gapps isn't necessary because like u said you already have them and your only "updating" the ROM. You delete the ROM slot for a fresh install or a "factory reset" when you create a new rom slot what it is doing is making a mirror image of your stock rom. That is why for installing a totally new ROM we have to delete all traces of the old ROM by formatting cache/dalvik/data/system. Next, yes it is necessary for both the CM build and gapps to be on the EXTERNAL SD. It's always been the rule of thumb on other devices and I haven't attempted any other way. You would have to use cyanogens built in file manager to move it or connect yourself to a pc and drag it over to the external sd card. Our recovery is made for many devices so when you attempt to install it does show the internal SD first (long story about how motorola labels storage) you have to use the "go up one level" (or something like that) to back up to the root directory and choose the external SD. There are couple of options that say something similar to sd-ext. Why? To confuse us of course lol. Try the ones that look like this and when you find the right 1 you will see the contents of your external sd. Concerning the gapps download (if you do a fresh install) you use the one for 10.1 if u were installing 10.2 you would choose 10.2 your trying to install 10.1 currently. I know this can seem forboading but once you get it its really not that difficult. If I havent explain something well enough please just ask
  13. 10.1.3. ?

    For anyone that is having this problem or is unaware how to manually install a rom I have given directions here http://forum.cyanogenmod.com/topic/77836-1013-download-broken-help/#entry408843
  14. I've given directions how to manually install CM. You can download the stable 10.1.2 if you wish to rollback. http://forum.cyanogenmod.com/topic/77836-1013-download-broken-help/#entry408843
  15. No it would not be installed by just downloading. First you need to download the CM build from the link I showed you above. Then you download the gapps from here. http://wiki.cyanogenmod.org/w/Gapps Then place them both on the external SD card. Boot into recovery. Delete/recreate ROM slot 1. Format all four partitions mentioned above. Then, using the recovery, install from SD card the CM build then the gapps after. Reboot system and congratulations you have manually installed CM. It is the cleanest and less buggy way to do it. Always. Edit: YES deleting/recreating ROM slot 1 is important. Trust me. I know its time consuming. Also You MUST format (cache/dalvik/data/system) on your fresh install of CM. However for some reason after a long while when you attempt to reinstall a ROM on the slot (seems to be specifically formatting data and system). You must recreate the ROM slot. If not you will boot loop. Again, to reiterate you can try a dirty flash and only wipe cache and dalvik. This will preserve your data so you essentially "update" instead of "factory reset". But it can be glitchy sometimes with safe strap. This is an unfortunate drawback of using a phone with a locked bootloader.