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  1. Care to elaborate more regarding the find? thanks
  2. I am now running cm10.1, so far there has been no more data corruption or missing files. The issue now is like your situation where by connecting usb to transfer files, the progress stays at 0%. This is confirmed a software issue not hardware since I just recently got a different brand of microsd to test this feature out. From what I understand, we unfortunately cannot post a bug report because this is still a nightly build. You can only post bug report if it is stable release.
  3. I get the same issue as you when I am transfer some files, not all but some. Most of the time if I try to transfer large amounts of files, the connection gets terminated...and at that point in time when I try to view whatever files that was originally on the sd card before the transfer, it is usually is gone.
  4. 10.1 Is Awesome :)

    May I ask what recovery you are running? Thanks!
  5. Thank you all for replying and posting, I was quite worried when I had this issue. Especially since no one else replied:/ I have flashed and troubleshoot it enough to the point I think I have figured out the culprit: It is the media scanner. The reason for this statement is because when I first boot up my phone, after transferring the files to the microsd card beforehand via adapter, the media scanner scans for at least 4 minutes. I check with the file manager (OI file manager, astro file manager etc.) if you are lucky, the files are still there; otherwise your microsd card is missing some if not all the files you had originally put in. Regardless if I put it in MTP or USB mass storage I would get the same issue, and what frustrated me the most was it would wipe/corrupt the files at the most random times. I have not found a solution yet, currently using all-star ROM v.7 which works fine in everything except for the paranoidandroid dual panel thing. (but that is a different issue) I also think it may be because I have a 32gb microsd class 10 from sandisk that the issue is occuring, because my previous class 6 16gb never ever had this issue. My cables are all OEM so yeah... lol
  6. Slow File Transfers

    I posted something similar in the experimental part for SGS2, not only slow, but it corrupts data for me :/ I heard from some that disabling adb makes everything work better but idk...planning on flashing the newest nightly...
  7. Mailing List / Wiki?

  8. Hi all, So basically I recently upgraded my sd card to 32 gb class 10 (san disk ultra) However, upon using the usb media transfer, the card starts to act wonky, corrupt files, unfinished copied files, disconnection during file transfer etc... Now just some background: I am running cm 10 night 12/04/12; I recently upgraded CWM recovery to CWM sk8 touch version, and then finally to TWRP recovery. I have reformatted my sd card to FAT 32. I have tested this card on my other phone the HTC G2, which has not shown this kind of issue regarding file transfer. My original microsd card has started to act the same when doing file transfer via GS2. So my question is: Has anyone else experienced this? If yes did you find a solution? My analysis seems to show that it could be the ROM that is causing the grief, or the actual phone's hardware failure. I am well versed in terms of customization and rooting and such (started from the HTC g1 ) So I am pretty sure I know what I am doing (to some extent) But this is the first time I have run into such issue and it is such a headache X_X Thank you for the replies, looking forward to them
  9. Dialer Crashing

    Well I just flashed the super wipe and cache wipe, and flashed the rom to make sure all the issues were wiped clean.
  10. Ok guys/gals, reporting back, this latest nightly 8.19 has some minor bugs it seems. Compared to the 7.24 one, where the problems were (for me): -gps (have to reflash gps patch after 3 or so days); -the gallery image thumbnail wont show up, and wont detect external sd pics (weird issue, never encountered before idk what is going on); As for 8.19 here are the issues I have found within the first 8 or so hours after flash, procedure: -darkside super cache and super wipe ext 4 -then factory wipe and cache wipe -flash 8.19 ROM -flash gapps 3.17 -reboot, cook/bake the phone -then after verifying the main functions work (e.g. phone calls, wifi) reboot into recovery -flash gps patch and that is where I am at, still testing out, will need at least a week to find out all possible other problems. So far I have found that an app called nightmode, worked fine in ROM 7.25, but functions sporadically/incorrectly in 8.19... So yeah hope this helped!
  11. Yeah sure, I am actually updating to the newest nightly right now, if I find it stable I will report back
  12. Thats great to hear! Though mine lasts longer than that Sounds like Voxer is auto starting itself. I would stick with ICS for now, nightly would be fine, as long as you dont find any issues using the phone I would highly recommend follow the saying "if it aint broke dont try to fix it". Usually the nightlies (newer) fixes previous bugs, but would sometimes inadvertently add new ones. As for CM10, I am staying away from that for a while, well until I get bored of CM9 as there are minor changes in JB compared to ICS. Cheers mate! Thank you for your updates
  13. Hmmm I dont see anything in particular that could be hogging the resources...the screen percentage is quite normal....I would see if turning off the NFC helped, if not I would recommend starting on a new version of the ROM, maybe a nightly, but dont flash a separate kernel and see if that helps. This way we can rule out hardware problems (the most costliest)
  14. Hmmmm I am not familiar with the kernel which you flashed before flashing the ROM. I personally am using a nightly, 9-20120725, which is fine in terms of battery life...could you take a screen shot of your battery stats? (settings->under device choose Battery) Otherwise here are the possible reasons why you are encountering major battery leaks. 1) the venom kernel is causing the battery leak 2) possibly the nfc option is turned on? (heard it drains battery fast) 3)battery is dead (was not handled well or is defective) If you could take a screenshot it could help immensely!
  15. Wow that is pretty bad...is this when you are at idle or what?