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      Unsupported devices posts outside the Device requests forum will be deleted without comment. Posts asking about/for future versions of CM will be locked and/or deleted.   We don't have a crystal ball; we don't know if someone will make CM $version for your deivce or if CM $version+1 will be made for your supported device.


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  1. HTC Droid Eris

    I just heard that Droid eris is actually the HTC Desire. Slap me if I'm wrong, but does this work on the Eris?
  2. Nook Color

    Can we see a demonstration of CM 7 booting and running on video? XD Just seeing it will make me go to climax
  3. CM on upcoming tablets

    Well at lesat I heard the Nook Color is getting a CM7 port --
  4. Nook Color

    Well, that is AFTER we root it. Would it pain them so much to make a conventional android device? After all, nook color is their #1 selling product. And they need to know that we buy kindle books.. because they have better services and are cheaper!!!
  5. Nook Color

    Man... Oh I would give anything to have cyanogen on this so called ebook I think Barnes and Nobles should stop being stuck up and but REAL androids on their machines... So what if we use the Kindle APP!!!