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  1. other web browsers

    No i havnt but ill try now but i have a feeling this is just another peice of crap that is re-compilled stock browser with a few useless add-ons... just like every other browser barring opera,
  2. CyanogenMod and Android Wallpapers

    the women/cyanogen wallpapers are too large for my dream, when i try to set it and it crops the image to fit the screen it cuts so much off the image its not worth it.
  3. other web browsers

    It doesnt install no matter how much memory i have left, i think it doesnt support the dreams cpu yet. But yeah when this is released finally i will be using it assuming it turns out any good.
  4. other web browsers

    Anyone know any web browsers that are not linked to the stock browser, for instance opera mini lets me browse porn and any adult sites some not even related to porn just forums that are rated as adult. My stock browser/dolphin ect does not since its blocked by my network but they wont unblock it unless i use my credit card which i dont have i only use debit cards, so are there any browsers like opera that are not linked to the stock browser like this?